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  • Great charger, enlarged for protected 18650's

    posted by TxCharlie

    Spring loaded contacts for different length batteries. My old charger of the same type didn't fit longer brands of protected cells, but this one does. Clear independent charge indication. Can charge one battery or two.
    Its strange that the shorter battery terminals aren't hooked up, but may just be for safety, since the polarity isn't marked on those.
    Best charger I've seen for 18650 batteries, which has become a standard for all the flashlights I buy, and are also in my Dell computer battery packs. The charger helps me determine which cells are bad when a dell battery pack dies - I think the Dell charger destroys batteries because it charges them too fast.
  • Could be better

    posted by Zanga2

    This device can do the following:- Charge phone or other device via USB using power outlet (110~240V)- Charge phone or other device via USB using a 18650 battery as power supply- Charge 18650 battery from power outlet (110~240V)- Charge phone batteries (using the adjustable pod and clamp) from power outlet (110~240V)All above tested and working.- It also has a switch that indicates that it can charge a phone battery from a 18650 battery.Not tested yet.
    - Do not forget to buy a flat pin adapter.
    - It's a very useful device. Even though it does not excel at anything in particular, it has a lot of uses and functions.
  • Pretty good charger

    posted by MoonShad0w

    I ran a couple of tests, and it slow-charges cells that are below a certain voltage at about 50mA. Less-dead cells charge normally, at about 300-400mA.It seems to take pretty much any kind of cylindrical lithium cell.Charges 2 cells at once. the circuits seem to be independent, so it should be okay to charge 2 unbalanced cells, or even 2 different physical sizes of cell. Your mileage may vary.Convenient compact size.
    The first thing I did with this charger was to take it apart, because I'm that kind of guy. Yes, the second screw is under the label. There seemed to be some kind of residue that could have been left by a liquid on the PCB, but nothing serious (no corrosion or rust). Internal build quality is a bit shoddy, but adequate.
    It's a fantastic charger for the price. The slow-charging feature could be really useful.
  • Good Charger, Good Price

    posted by Badot

    It charges your batteries. Hasn't overcharged them, hasn't undercharged them, and works fairly quickly. Good build quality, and no problems whatsoever so far.
    I got this since I got TrustFire batteries, I figured if the brands matched I should have absolutely no problems. None so far, so I suppose I was right.
    Will buy again, recommend to friends, etc. It's served me well and is still running, definitely worth the price I paid for it.
  • works well, but charges very slowly

    posted by soward

    cheap, works, good build quality, fit and finish.
    for flashlight batts, which you only charge once a month or so anyway, this is probably a reasonable choice, especially for the price conscious.The fact that these reviews need to total five hundred words or more is kinda silly. One it means that I probably won't often write them, but further, it means I won't often read them, since I want a concise and quickly read summary of the performance, not a 10th grade english paper.
    good value for most users, though not for heavy and / or power users.


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