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17670 battery Customers Reviews

  • Recommended for charging.

    posted by Televate

    I liked this charger immediately. I use it all the time to charge the batteries for my torch. It is very simple to use. Drag suspension backward and put the battery into the slot. The suspension will adhere to the negative pole. The charger automatically starts and detects even the type of battery inserted, and how much to charge. There is room for up to four batteries and you can charge several different types simultaneously. LEDs tells you how far you have come in charging. This charger supports an incredible number of different cell types.
    The only thing I wish the charger had was the possibility that the LED lights turned off when all batteries were fully charged.
    With all the opportunities this charger provides is certainly a purchase to recommend. Here you can recharge 4 batteries instead of just two like many other chargers offer. I would highly recommend this charger.
  • Good storage box

    posted by meneerB

    Good battery storage box.Made of semi-hard PP plastic, that is quite tough.Good protection of your (rechargeable) batteries against short-circuit.Will hold 2 x 18650-type, 4 x 16340-type, 4 x CR123A-, 4 x 17335-, etcetera battery type.In case you are wondering: box is NOT water-proof, but that was not advertised.
    Keeps your batteries organised and protected.Would have been even nicer, if multiple boxes could have been connected.
    Good deal for a good battery box. Buy them!
  • 100% Genuine Nitecore product!

    posted by fran82

    Wow! This is one of the bests chargers I have had!It can charge both NiMh and Li-ion.The mid charge current (500mA) makes it nor slow nor fast. I mean no problems when charging small batteries such as AAA or 10440 nor when charging 18650 ones!Completely independent channels. It has LED status indicators.It can be powered via mains (110-240v) or 12v DC with separate cable (not included)
    Very very nice, compact, usefull and multi-battery type support.
    One of the best quality/price ratio chargers in the market, and more important, genuine from Nitecore!!
  • Works great

    posted by Sidster2

    Rechargeable battery, no memory issue due to materials used. Gives out the 3.7V I require. I was able to charge it in my UltraFire charger.
    I was using this for a laser flashlight project. Looks like this part will work out great. Just have to watch out to make sure what your powering can accept 4V.
    Good rechargeable battery for you flashlight or projects.
  • Good Charger

    posted by Daitarn3

    - Very easy to use.- It can charge batteries separately- No buttons or something to setup, just insert batteries inside.- Very useful top cover for batteries protection.
    Do the job. It charges all my batteries . Reasonable price. Just buy it and start charging!
    After several months of use i'm very happy with this charger. If you need a charger than you can buy this one and be happy with it !


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