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16340 protected Customers Reviews

  • Nice Alternative

    posted by Hypnosis4u2nv

    - Price- Arrived charged with 4.0v- Protected against Overcharging and Shorting- White wrapping
    I was able to charge this up to 4.23v before the PCB kicked in and stopped it from charging further.. Its a great charging point for these batteries..
    I dont really see a difference between these and other TrustFire protected RCR123A's.. I like the white look though and they seem to perform on par with other similar batteries.. I would recommend these for those looking for RCR123A batteries..
  • Best rechargeable 16340 battery I've tested so far

    posted by littlegiant

    Very good Performance. Cheap. Tested up to 2A without issue. No heating up whatsoever.
    This is the best 16340 I've tested so far. I've tested many other 16340 (rated at 650 - 1000mah) but none of them came close to this (most have weak output current and not even close to 350mah). And at this pricing, there is nothing to lose when you buy this. You will be surprised at the amount of current this small battery can give out.
    You will not regret getting this.
  • Good Batteries

    posted by warlord

    Good price for two rechargable batteries. I haven't had any issues with them fitting in any of the lights I own, even as multiples. Protection circuit works as advertised, keeps from overdischarging and over charging.
    Better than primaries in the long term.
    I'll be buying more of these as my flashlight collection grows.
  • Satisfied with what I got

    posted by DellSuperman

    - Potentially saving me alot of money because I have got 2 high-powered torch lights for my work & hobby.- Came with a battery case to hold 2 of the batteries.- I bought 3 set (6 batteries) & all came in the right capacity (1000mAh) & all were in good condition.
    Like someone mentioned, buy a few of these & a good charger & you should not have to worry about your CR123A battery supplies anymore.
  • Awesome batteries at an awesome price

    posted by deldrice

    These batteries are just great. The price is 1/3 of what they would be here in the states and they work just aswell.They fit into a variety of devices, and the laser I use mine with holds them snug with no rattle.They hold a pretty consistent charge.
    If you need some rechargeable cr123's BUY THESE
    Just awesome

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