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16340 battery

These cool 16340 battery are high quality and at affordable prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

16340 battery Customers Reviews

  • Works well

    posted by algerath1

    Good price
    seem to have good capacity
    work great
    They work well in all of my flashlights that take cr123
    They are a little longer than primaries, but not a lot
    just judging by runtime of my lights i would say they are pretty close to stated capacity, maybe overstated by just a little, this is not based on any measurement just an estimation based on runtime.
    Stop buying disposable batteries. a couple sets of these and a sku 1236 and your set. they will pay for themselves in just a few recharges.
  • Good storage box

    posted by meneerB

    Good battery storage box.Made of semi-hard PP plastic, that is quite tough.Good protection of your (rechargeable) batteries against short-circuit.Will hold 2 x 18650-type, 4 x 16340-type, 4 x CR123A-, 4 x 17335-, etcetera battery type.In case you are wondering: box is NOT water-proof, but that was not advertised.
    Keeps your batteries organised and protected.Would have been even nicer, if multiple boxes could have been connected.
    Good deal for a good battery box. Buy them!
  • Good laser, but no european plug

    posted by JurgenMergan

    Good laser, powerful enough, long battery life.It dissasembles very easy and the power button is of good quality.The laser module is very strong for a 5mW and shows a nice focussed beam. Also if you use it to project stars on the wall or other objects it will remain bright and strong.I bought more expensive lasers that didn't have half the quality in other shops before !!DX.com RULES !!
    Delivery to european countries should include an adaptor for european electrical sockets ;)Delivery was fast and it was securely packaged so no damages could occur on it's way to my home.
    Works fine, but had to buy an extra adaptor to fit the charger in my wall sockets.
  • Good Charger

    posted by Daitarn3

    - Very easy to use.- It can charge batteries separately- No buttons or something to setup, just insert batteries inside.- Very useful top cover for batteries protection.
    Do the job. It charges all my batteries . Reasonable price. Just buy it and start charging!
    After several months of use i'm very happy with this charger. If you need a charger than you can buy this one and be happy with it !
  • Very easy to use, small (good for traveling )

    posted by Erez500

    It works fine, suitable for traveling small (even the outlet is folded so it is easy to put in the bag), low weight. Charge quickly enough. Suitable for variety of batteries (I already used it with 18650 and with 16340 and both were charged fully and quite quick).
    I purchase in the past Ultra-Fire charger and it can't charge 16340 (had to build special adapter). This one is only for single battery (the Ultra-Fire charger is for two in parallel) but in most cases (mainly in travels) it is OK, and let it be small and low weight.
    Mobile and easy to use

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