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These cool 16340 battery are high quality and at affordable prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

16340 battery Customers Reviews

  • Now your playing with power

    posted by Shwell

    -Value-Combo pack-compact (Easy to transport)-Great output and longevity in a small package
    Quick and convenient system at a fraction of the cost of regular NIMH batteries.
    A great package to get you going quickly. The Cons listed above are really non issues. These Batteires offer great output anf reliability in a small safe package. Charger is nice and compact which is great for travel needs.
  • Good Deal for price

    posted by Greenturtle

    Protected- the circuit works well it prevents over charging and over dischargeCheap
    These batteries are an extremely good deal for about the same as a CR-123 Primary, you can get a Lithium Ion battery! That is not just one time use! Be careful when using them in Flashlights because they peak at 4.2 volts where CR-123 Primaries only beak at 3 volts if your flashlight was not made to handle these batteries you might fry your led :(
    Excellent deal!
  • blue! *_*

    posted by Leodahsan

    - Very cheap!
    - good looking cells
    - +- quality
    - Lithium (no memory effect)
    - rechargeable lol
    - 3.6V !
    - all works
    2amp max discharge. beware to not short circuit or reverse charging these (UNPROTECTED)
    Does what it says, but, only my lasers uses these cells :P
    Deal class: Cool! (4/5)
  • Batteries CR123

    posted by AigeasX

    The batteries last long, and their charging time is not long.They are very lightweight and they are indeed 880mAh. Also the price is good and very competitive to other trademarks.
    I think you should improve the quality and the inner working materials. But it could be also a faulty battery the one i bought. These thinks happen often, so i can not be certain.
    The price is good,you should buy one just to test it.
  • Batteries 16340 3.7V

    posted by v4mpir0

    This type of batteries are cheap, economical and have a fairly long life in uploads and downloads, can be attached to most flashlights, and other devices that makes them a good choice.
    Fine if you want to make a purchase cheap, but would not recommend them for professional use, perhaps more oriented to casual use.
    Thanks for reading my comments, if you have any question contact me.


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