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16340 battery pack

Purchase the latest 16340 battery pack with wonderful pricing Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. View more by looking at laptop battery pack, nikon battery pack. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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16340 battery pack Customers Reviews

  • Batteries CR123

    posted by AigeasX

    The batteries last long, and their charging time is not long.They are very lightweight and they are indeed 880mAh. Also the price is good and very competitive to other trademarks.
    I think you should improve the quality and the inner working materials. But it could be also a faulty battery the one i bought. These thinks happen often, so i can not be certain.
    The price is good,you should buy one just to test it.
  • MUST have battieries for laser

    posted by warchicken

    -Not expensive
    -grey color
    -hard to find in local stores
    -good quality
    -lasts for 10 years of recharging
    I recommend these for your laser, non rechargeable cr123a's are expensive
    Also for flashlights and other devices.
    Buyt the correct charger for it, you dont want it to be charged under 3.6v
    Buy it! and dont forget to buy a charger ;)
    I bought it for my laser and i havent regret it till now!
    Best batteries on DX !! ! ! !! !! !!!
  • Great Value - Just Works!

    posted by mellowhead

    These batteries come with a protection board to prevent over charge, as well as over discharge. I only use this battery in a small LED flashlight/torch and it works wonderfully well for that purpose. It can be charged many hundreds of times, and they do tend to hold a charge quite well. I'm very satisfied with this product overall.
    Great cells for the price, period. Buy it.
  • Better than "brand" name

    posted by squabpod

    long lasting, cheap
    I use these to vape in my pv. They last all day normally. The last a lot longer than the 16340 Trustfire brand and the Fandyfire brand. I rotate 6 of them continually. For the price I don't think they can be beat! I haven't gotten a bad one yet and will continue using them. If you are considering these but are unsure bc you have never heard of the brand - I can tell you they are good batteries so go for it save some money and get a better battery than the others.
  • Very cheap batteries

    posted by testing12345678

    These are the cheapest RCR123 batteries you can find anywhere.
    The price is amazing considering that they are shipped all the way from Hong Kong.
    The batteries are good looking and the heatshrink is also of good quality.
    These are not protected. Please don't buy this set if you don't know about the dangers of lithium batteries.
    These are very cheap and well worth the price you will save on buying primaries for all your lights

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