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  • Good light but not bright enough for me

    posted by RichieT

    Works well.Easy to install as interior dome light.Adhesive backing means it stays put inside plastic light cover.3 options included for mounting - my Nissan Pulsar took the one in the picture.
    I tried the 6x4 version of this light and like it LOTS more because of the extra light output. This is now my back up...
    Great as a mood light in the car but I'd buy the same light in a 6x4 shape instead (and did).
  • Great purchase

    posted by draggonfly

    Far outclass my old bulbs, lasts practically forever or at least longer than the car will, uses 3 emitters per package, thus is brighter without being bigger, so 16 LEds become the equivalent of 48 LEDs. Really small. you need a ruler to realize how small it is. Gives a bright white light.
    i don't think these actually need extra resistors in series for them to operate at 14v. In fact, i have had these running at 14.4v for quite a while and they havent dimmed or exploded or anything.
    These use 120ohm resistors, but remember, these are 3 emitters per package, so it uses extra current. the 30 ohm deficit is used to cover for that.
    The black resistor is there because it is in series with two leds only, so it needs to be of higher resistance to cover for those two LEDs.
  • Wonderfull to set the right mood in a room

    posted by fiechterjm

    The "16-Color LED Decorative Lamp with remote control" is a wonderfull way to be able to set different "lighting moods" in a room. Great for those romantic moments with youzr partner, or for a Disco mood. Does what it has to do at a great price. And also comes with a great service from DX & timely delivery.
    The "16-Color LED Decorative Lamp with remote control" is a great product, sold here at a great price, and with a great service from DX. What can one ask for more ?
  • Yongnuo

    posted by lol666

    -moderate price-bright and well built-I have had it for the week now and all led lights still work. I have used it in total about 12-15h, mostly for photography/videography and it does decent job.
    -wish there were more slides to purchase to change color of the light, I guess I will have to buy some gels and DIY
    Overall its a good product, definitely worth your money. I have already ordered 2 more.
  • Great day driving lamps

    posted by LarsNorw

    Nice design and the light are very clear and visible for other drivers.
    Great product for day driving lights.
    Great product, but could have been made more solid and waterproof.I have seen a similar product for US $250 in a shop!

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