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150w dc to dc

Every single 150w dc to dc displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Customers who purchased 150w dc to dc also viewed dc to dc 5v, dc to micro usb. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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150w dc to dc Customers Reviews

  • Mobile power suppply

    posted by Koppen24

    Handy device, easily and accurately set. I use it in my car for media player. with 4 diodes I have the input voltage 2.5 volts lowered, then I could adjust the tension nicely at 12.5 volts. because a car when the engine is running 14.5 volts charging. The media player works well and without fault in sound or image
    the device is recommended for anyone with a laptop on the go with the car.
    Handy device for little money, certainly useful for a laptop because they are generally at a higher working voltage than 14.5 volts in a car.
  • Great boost converter with stable power

    posted by bear123

    - stable voltage- effiecency is very good- able to boost variably and accurately - fuse- green power LED
    - I modded mine with sku 187376 (mini voltage meter V20D) on the output so I can see the voltage at all times under load. This is an easy mod and well worth the time spent. - I tested this boost convertor with 10 x 1.2v NIMH AA batteries running at 12v and I was able to get a maximum stable output of 26.2v at 76 watts or 2.9 amps. This is very good results for rechargeable NIMH AA battery power source. I will test next with some larger DC input power source and I will assume I will be able to boost to higher stable voltage but not exceeding the input output specs of this boost converter. Seems very efficient and provides smooth adjustable power. You can adjust the output as fine as 2 decimal places easily. What I mean is the adjustment provides fine tuning so I can dial in lets say 15.24v or 28.15v exactly as a random example. Once under load depending on the input power source the voltage will likely drop a little or a lot which is expected.
    Seems to be a great quality boost converter so far. Its small and did not create much heat with an output of 26.2v at 76w for about 5 min. I would think the 150w rating is fair for maximum spec for this unit. I would not advise exceeding this.
  • great thing

    posted by mitjaperic

    great thing works well for my laptop and mobile phone.its small so it fits well in a glove box.well built, user s guide in english
    very small thing i expected it to be a bit bigger.it does not have a fuse, so i must relay to the cars fuse in case of short circuit
    great thing i reccomend it to everyone, its cheap and does the job well. not reccomended for a long term use.
  • Perfect for Power on the Road!

    posted by mnov5534

    * Charges laptops, camera battery and other small electronic devices.* Idea for when working away from the office, keep your laptop fully charged at all times.* Small and light weight, easily carried* Separate USB port to charge your phone also, so you don't need a separate phone charger!!
    I tried it with charging 2 laptops and a camera battery at the same time, all charged quickly and effectively with no problems!
    Excellent inverter for when you're away from an AC wall socket and need to keep devices charged.
  • power booster dc-dc 12 V in 13=34.43V out

    posted by lasermanathome

    one of the finest boosters I know, I have used several of these for different applications.It works fine as fast start-help for cars with empty batteries, in that case I have a 12V 17AH gel-lead battery , connected to this booster and make 14.4 VDC (the voltage the generator of the car itselve delivers) and within a few minutes , the car starts without troubles.Because is is very cold here these days, below minus 8 centigrades, the weak batteries have too less power to start the car, the combination of the 17AH gelbattery and this booster gives just what the weak battery needs to help it out of its "hibernation" and this combination works far better than the use of only the 12 V 17AH gelbattery, because the few Volts extra forces the carbattery to wake up and do his job.Also this booster is very uasble for 20-100W powerleds wich need 30-35VDC out of 12 VThe 100 Watt Led turns the night to day and can be supplied by the car battery.
    A very smal case made of aluminum can protect and cool the booster, correctly build in, the case has not to be connected to earth, if desired.A CC(current controll/limiter) would be fine, a fuse does not protect the booster, so a temperature shut off would also be handy.Within its parameters this booster works very good but take controll of the drawn current, when used for higher voltage and a lot of Amps, this booster works perfect untill it is killed by the produced heat
    A very nice booster wich needs some extra attention and protection, it works untill it blows up,no limiters against mans stupdities are build in as far as my experience reach.So take precautions yourselve otherwise you can buy a new one (like I did).TThis unit is -like most switched powersupplies-difficult and expensive to repair, better buy a new one and if you -like me- do a lot of experiments take some of these in stock.


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