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You can easily find the latest low priced 150 lumen flashlight offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

150 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly powerful

    posted by benneh

    Really bright, REALLY really bight. i can shine this at my ceiling and light the whole room. The beam is quite a throwey one, which is good for finding stuff. The modes are easy to navigate, and has a GITD positive clicky. I would recommend this torch.
    I bought some Surefire CR123's and use my charger on them. Works well and doesnt eat through them to often, so probably a goo runtime on full of maybe an hour or so
    Good torch for anything. Is really small, but to big for a keychain.
  • Best flashlight deal on DX!

    posted by everett

    I think this light is the best deal on DX. The build quality is very good, the performance is excellent, and the price is amazing! Anodizing is clean, beam pattern is very nice. and best of all the threads are well machined (unlike many of the cheap lights on DX). The body form factor is pretty nice (because they copied it from the Nitecore Extreme). The switch is a solid forward clicky. Some may like the 3 modes, but if not, the pill is easy to disassemble and the driver is split into two separate boards. This makes modifying it to one mode very easy.
    For this amount of money, this light is the best deal on DX
  • Small form factor light

    posted by rcoville

    Small and lightweight. Will not take up any room at all in your pocket, glovebox, etc. The grey finish is a nice change from all the black ones that are so common. It is bright enough for a single-cell torch, but isn't going to set any records. (But no one expected it to, right?) The threads came clean and everything fits together nicely.
    If you want a small and light hand torch for general use, this one should work.
    Good enough if you are looking for a small torch to stash where there isn't much room.
  • A superb light for the price

    posted by robbabcock

    Extremely bright. Very nearly the equal of my Surefire E1B. Good build quality. Nice clicky switch with a half-moon ring around it that will allow it to stand on it's tail; this is a great feature for camping and power outages.
    I don't know yet if this will hold up to rough use but I'm pleased so far. I also have no idea if it's waterproof. I love the light so much that the "unadvertised" extra modes bum me out even more. Luckily it does remember the last mode it was in, so if you want it to come on in the "high" setting just make sure you turn it off that way.
    Bottom line is simple: This is a killer deal. Close to the power of the $140 Surefire E1B although not as white, and the spot isn't quite as clean. But is the SF 10x better? Probably not.
    I really wish this really was a 3-mode as advertised. That's the main drawback. But unless this light craps out on me unexpectedly I have to say it's an insane, off-the-charts value for the money.
  • Little Surprise

    posted by davimaia

    -Very bright (Muito luminosa)
    -Small (Pequena)
    -Easy to find batteries (Bateria é fácil de achar)
    -Come with hand lace (Vem com o cordão para a mão)
    -Low consumption (Baixo consumo)
    -Confortable in hand (Boa pegada)
    Nice gift!!! Everyone needs a flashlight, and that one combine low price, low profile, lot of light and easy battery availability. People will love it!
    A piece to keep all-time, barely imperceptible in pocket and a lot useful on emergency. Keep on key-chain or car, some day will save your day!


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