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You can easily find the latest low priced 150 lumen flashlight offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

150 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Good Flashligt!

    posted by DabeMaguro

    Very bright light. Strong build materials. The lens could be glass but the rest of the light is very strong. Solid clicky button. Solid assault crown. Good light.
    These Cree LED's are awesome! I bought my firs from DX just about a month ago. I just purchased my 5th. They are absoltely cool! This one isnt the best assault crown, but still pretty solid. woudl do damage with a twisting motion. Others are just great to stab with.
    A very solid flashlight. well built, very bright.
  • Surprisingly powerful

    posted by benneh

    Really bright, REALLY really bight. i can shine this at my ceiling and light the whole room. The beam is quite a throwey one, which is good for finding stuff. The modes are easy to navigate, and has a GITD positive clicky. I would recommend this torch.
    I bought some Surefire CR123's and use my charger on them. Works well and doesnt eat through them to often, so probably a goo runtime on full of maybe an hour or so
    Good torch for anything. Is really small, but to big for a keychain.
  • Excellent run time and output

    posted by bighead007

    This is first thing I gave 5 stars on this site.- excellent build quality aside from soldering- lots of spill, great brightness, o-rings, clickie- Sanyo 2700mAh NiMH lasted 1hr 45min- AA Energizer Lithium lasted 2hr 30min with more output remained but below good usability- More output and run time than Ultrafire A10 single clickie
    I was mazed how long 1AA Energizer primary lithium lasted with good output. It heats less with Lithium primary than with NiMH.It looks like this driver is optimized for higher voltage unlike A10 which is optimized for NiMH.
    For this amount I agree this a steal given the build quality and driver provided.Get them while you can.Great for Lithium primary AA since you can get these for $7/4-pack at Costco, USA.
  • Spare CREE flashlight

    posted by balbertini

    - it can be loaded with li-on cells- battery last longer than I expected (I did not measured, but I was expecting just a couple hours)- bright enough to play around, I believe that the 150lm rating is true- o-rings are present on all screwed connections, so I would say it is water resistant
    - I could only use with 1x14500, so the extension tube is useless. - 2x normal AA works but not so shine.
    I would not buy it again. Instead I would buy a cheaper model without extension tube.
  • bright, little flashlight

    posted by Chickenman

    This flashlight is really small, but really bright. Its perfect for attaching it to your keys or carrying around in your pockets.Its one of the smallest flashlights on DX.It has a nice strap to hang around your wrist.Its really easy to use, starts on high-mode, quick off an on sets to middle, low, strobe, SOS...It uses normal AAA batteries, which are easy to get and not as expensive as Li-batteries.It can keep your hands warm in the winter. :) (see below)the building quality is excellent.
    Overall a great flashlight!
    I just own this flashlight for one day, but i'm amazed, how small and bright it is.It is absolutely worth its money and i'm thinking about giving it to my friends as a present.Great flashlight for everyday stuff, but i wouldn't use it for a nightly walk, when it should last longer than 30 minutes. : )

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