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150 led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Bright and Compact

    posted by teamen

    - High quality of manufacture for the price is surprising- Very bright- The small size (length of 73 mm)- It is easy to include one hand simply having turned a head part
    - It is very qualitative the made small lamp, very bright, probably isn't present 150 lumen, but is very close to it in any way less than 100 lumen from normal battery A123 on 3.0 volts- Light cold white with a wide side flare- Because of the strong magnet at the tail-end of a lantern it will not turn out to carry with a bunch of keys
    I recommend to buy this small lamp if you search for the compact size and good brightness
  • Good Light Even If Not What I Ordered

    posted by FlightInWinter

    Appears to be very well-built.
    Will tail stand. Hurray for that crowd!
    Nice, consistent finish.
    Threads are clean and tight.
    OP reflector. Can't get to it to tell if it's aluminum or plastic.
    Very clean beam with no artifacts. Perfectly round. LED is mounted cleanly. Faint transition from larger spot to spill. This is not a thrower if that's what you are looking for.
    I ordered mine when they were originally advertised as multi-mode and mine arrived single mode. (Everyone makes mistakes so there's no sense getting upset) Still, I wanted multi-mode. I'll have to go through the process...and wait...again.
    These aren't much brighter than P2-driven sku.3607, just more spill and definitely not as bright as the Q5 in sku.13974. sku.13974 blows it away but this one is smaller, so take your pick.
    I wonder what this would be like with a red LED for tactical work. Perhaps a red filter over the lens...
    If you want a very well-built, single-AA pocket torch with a Cree Q5 that has a little more flood than throw because of the smaller reflector, this is a good choice. For close to the same money, with a P2 sku.3607 will give you better throw with less spill but sku.13974 will give you MUCH better throw and brighter spill but that one uses 3-AAA batteries, hence higher voltage. Of the three, this one fits easier in the pocket.
    Maybe I'll keep them. I don't know.
    Buy one if this is something you think you might want. I cannot fault the product at all. In fact, I can recommend this product. It's just not what I ordered this time.
  • Fairly good...

    posted by erez57

    Well really strong to its sized so it can fit anywhere u want. Its well built except for the plastic lens which i'm gonna replace soon. The clip is well built as well and seems very sturdy to any use.
    Awsome flashlight and really gets the work done although the lens thing was very annoying but you can easily buy 10 pack of lenses from DX to replace and keep extra in case...
    I enjoy this light very much and hopefully DX will change the description the plastic lens because its not really fair.
  • Nice little carry-all-around light

    posted by iyanachko

    Very compact. Works with any kind of battery, even with LiIon 10440. Good quality. Turns smooth, without efforts (the thread is good quality). Good brightness, well focused bright spot with nice spill. Good white color. The three power levels are well spaced. Has memory feature – remember the last used level, so you do not have to cycle through all modes, especially through the annoying strobe modes. Nice lanyard.
    From a freshly charged 10440 UltraFire LiIon it draws at 3.6 V 0.54 A at high, 0.25 A at medium, and 0.09 A at low level, which is 2.7, 0.9, and 0.32 Wt.
    This is an excellent carry-all-around light. With a turbo feature, instead of the annoying and useless (to my opinion) strobe and blinking modes it would have been a perfect one!
  • Lightest, Brightest for size

    posted by zarot

    I have a collection of dozens of LED lights, mostly AA and smaller. Using a 10440 cell, this is the brightest, lightest AAA LED light I have found so far. Unlike other similar lights, it is made to accomodate the more powerful 10440 lithium battery. I find it perfect for auxilliary illumination when I go off road biking, and at a third the price, will replace the two lights I have attached to my helmet at the present time. I am one of those who actually likes the strobe feature and find it very useful for both daytime and nighttime biking when I really want to be seen by motorists. The light is able to stand on its end and can be turned into a candle by making a hole in a regular or orange ping pong ball and placing it over the head. I had it running in low mode for five hours without noticing any flickering, (although it might be nice to have a candle flickering mode like the Christmas LED candles).
    I like the strobe function and have used it in other lights to attract attention when I found myself stranded in the country with a disabled vehicle.I go canoeing and back packing in wilderness areas of Canada and would use the S.O.S. function if needed. The Brinyte can't be beat where size and weight are a concern.The memory mode on my light kicks in after about two seconds of use so it returns to the same mode when shut off and on again.Both protected and unprotected 10440 cells fit comfortably and work well.Many of my non flashoholic friends will find the price more appealing than other similar lights.
    Maybe I've just been lucky so far but pretty well all of the LED lights I've ordered from DX have worked as well as I expected them to. This one however is the standout AAA light so far. Small, bright, light, and reasonably priced it's a great little pocket rocket. Buy one and you'll soon be comparing all the others to it.


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