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150 led flashlight

This is our best 150 led flashlight, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. You can also browse waterproof led flashlight and blue led flashlight. With your support, we can do better.
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150 led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • A german review in english language

    posted by BruceWillEs

    - Takes normal AAAs and 10440 lithiums- Looks very nice! I like the color very much- Very compact size- Very bright for its size! In high mode you'll get with normal AAAs app. 120 real Lumens OTF, and with lithiums you'll get app. 145 real Lumens OTF.- Nice smooth "standard" beam: You'll get some nice flood and a bright spot in the middle.
    In high mode with lithiums this thing gets very far very hot. In my eyes not a problem, because it prooves, that heat conduction works very well!
    I love this light because it's damn bright for its size and looks nice. Of course, there may be better AAA lights, but not for 17 Dollar = 14 Euro.
  • Godd Quality

    posted by Lumnia

    TANK007 seems making the products better than acceptable so far according to the flashlights I order from DX. The quality of this TK-360 Cree Q2-WC really surprises me. The one I got has 5 modes instead of 3 modes. Hopefully I don’t need to use SOS mode. I like the bottom’s design. It’s easy to press the switch button and very steady for candle mode.
    I believe TANK007 still can make some improvement on this product. If the LED emitter sticks out a little bit, it can have better candle function. Extended tube for 2AA will be nice. A side switch like the one on ROMISEN RC-P3 will be nice. Of course, brighter is always better especially with different mode of brightness.
    It’s worth to keep one at least for fun especially the price on this product. Hopefully, Fenix won’t buy TANK007 out like Microsoft doing the business.
  • Great little flashlight

    posted by psifactor

    The price of this little unit is simply great. Its a nice small handy little flashlight with a good 'stabby' implement on the end. It feels quite solid and sturdy, and the build is quite nice. The output is nice and bright and easily lights up areas over long distances, and it's rather compact (even though it has the assault crown).
    This is a great little flashlight, very cheap and it was packaged and shipped within two days of my order :D the assault crown on the end is quite intimidating and good for smacking things with (not people of course! >.>), the overall weight of the unit makes it feel nice in your hand and the build of it feels really professional. The 'clicky switch' has a good tactile feel for it and after opening the unit and inspecting the regulation circuitry, the quality of the PCB looked good and the soldering looked fairly decent.If you have a bit of cash laying around and don't have a flashlight to use, go for this one, the price sold this one instantly for me.I originally bought this out of novelty after seeing all these "assault crown" flashlights and having a good laugh about it. But they are quite nice flashlights and well worth every cent.
  • Best flashlight deal on DX!

    posted by everett

    I think this light is the best deal on DX. The build quality is very good, the performance is excellent, and the price is amazing! Anodizing is clean, beam pattern is very nice. and best of all the threads are well machined (unlike many of the cheap lights on DX). The body form factor is pretty nice (because they copied it from the Nitecore Extreme). The switch is a solid forward clicky. Some may like the 3 modes, but if not, the pill is easy to disassemble and the driver is split into two separate boards. This makes modifying it to one mode very easy.
    For this amount of money, this light is the best deal on DX
  • Fairly good...

    posted by erez57

    Well really strong to its sized so it can fit anywhere u want. Its well built except for the plastic lens which i'm gonna replace soon. The clip is well built as well and seems very sturdy to any use.
    Awsome flashlight and really gets the work done although the lens thing was very annoying but you can easily buy 10 pack of lenses from DX to replace and keep extra in case...
    I enjoy this light very much and hopefully DX will change the description the plastic lens because its not really fair.

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