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  • Good light, especially for this price

    posted by Klas2k

    First of all I have not mounted them onto my vehicle yet, but I have tried them loose with a 12v battery. Brightness is good, maybe even a tad too good if you would use them in dusk or dawn (could be blinding). The lights are marked with a E4 (european conformity) but I doubt that it is a real one (it just says E4 without charachters to deniminate type of light behind them). Build quality seems good.
    Good DLR for the price. Fairly cold light (probably maatching a xenon rather than a halogen light). Cable and mount seems pretty ok (seems to be much better than other that I have read about at least) although I still need to see how it will perform after a couple of months when mounted.
    Very good DLR for the price. Could prbably be used as fog lights or back-up lights as well. Could be a bit too bright for DLR's in dusk and dawn maybe, although a bit too dark for backin up lights since the brightness declines pretty much after 10-15 meters.
  • 1156 Automotive yellow bulb

    posted by cjboisvert

    Brightest amber led car lamp I've found for the cheap price.Good construction, been in my Subaru for over 6 months, still working well.No burn outs or shorts
    Would like to see other bulbs from this maker, I would snap them up quick.It would be nice if an 1157 bulb was available, would complete whats necessary for most automobiles, with matchng parts
    Hard to find an amber led replacement, this one is worth the money. I was not disappointed, and am very happy with it.I still want more!
  • very nice, some pushbuttons dont work as they should

    posted by gerben37

    very bright light, great to see in actionall the materials to connect the light are delivered in one shipment. Great featerus, flash light, scope even their is a funtion to dim the lights.
    maybe it is a thought to deliver a powersupply with it to use it in house and not only in a car
    great and easy to use, if i needed more i would order some more.
  • Great deal makes fun

    posted by aliburo

    This is very good Quality, nice shining RGB LED Strip with controller and remote, You just need a 12V power supply. Cunsumption is around 1 to 1.5A, depending on the chosen color. It is absolute watertight, in some kind of a rectangular Silicone hose.
    Good buy, less expensive in the set than buying the parts alone. adjustable brightness, adjustable speed in flash and fade mode.
    Buy it, have fun!
  • Very Bright

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Very Bright, easy to trim to length desired, great colour for a shocking effect
    The pink colour is great for a shocking display, can be set to a timer or dimmer and can be used as a fade colour (orange to pink looks cool)
    A very generous 5M length of very bright LED's. Outdoor use is no problem, and they are durable. Not sure about longevity, haven't used them a lot yet, but so far flawless


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