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15 led Customers Reviews

  • Very nice color and great price!

    posted by Skywise

    This is a blue sideways emitter in a very nice shade of deep blue. It is reasonably bright and build pretty solid. The emitter can somewhat be converter to a full 180 degrees pattern by cutting the "cone" off, but the die still throws quite a bit of light to the side.
    I really like the shade of blue. It's deeper then most emitters, which often have to bright of a blue and/or a bit of green tint.
    That remind me of the one time and band camp when we had to write a review and it had to be like over five hundred characters and we were like wow how do you write five hundred characters about an led emitter but then we just did.
    Great value for your money if you know how to use this properly.
  • A great idea.

    posted by initialwii

    These are priced nicely, and they just a tad dimmer than the oem bulbs. The size is great, they look nice, very good for applications where you will see the bulb. The amount of power needed to power these are signifiantly lower than filament types and will definitely last longer (with led technology that is) The quality of the bulb is
    A great product for a great price, try them they look hot.
  • Purely u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-i-b-l-e !

    posted by bibsfamily

    - no heat- A white like sunlight- very comfortable- I use it in replacement of spots 60W and I must admit the brightness is even better. All other lights will look yellowish after using these lamps- You cannot find these lights in France, and the one I found was so much more expensive for very less lumens
    I might be sometime difficult to screw the lamp as there is no "bulb" to keep in hand. I hade some difficulties to screw it in some modern aluminium spots with my big fingers
    Nothing that I found
  • Excellent product for the price

    posted by kiwiraptor

    The light is very bright, and steady. An awesome replacement for the high wattage halogen that I was using formerly. The colour is whiter than I expected, but in a good way, definitely. The lumen output is pleasant and not blinding. Item feels sturdy in construction and does not feel flimsy like other LED bulbs I have seen.
    Should have bought more than one!
    Excellent product for the price, would definitely recommend this item to all who are considering buying this.
  • GU10 Led

    posted by tumbbi95

    Really bright. Even brighter than my old halogen bulbs. White color fits perfectly in my office because white light is better for working or reading than warm light. Light spreads nicely and i have light everywhere i need it.
    I will buy more of these. Feels durable and its very bright. A lot cheaper than the led´s that my local dealers offer.would buy more. Cheap, durable, efficient, low power consumption.
    would buy more. Cheap, durable, efficient, low power consumption.

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