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14500 rechargeable battery

If you want to purchase 14500 rechargeable battery, this is your best place to buy it. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. gp rechargeable batteries or solar rechargeable battery contains many hot and popular products. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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14500 rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Very good batteries

    posted by mimoSK

    Very vell build battery, almost no difference in capacity between two pcs received. Recommended to use in flashlights , ... where two or more battery required due same quality of batteries.Tested with Turnigy Accucell 6 Fully charge to 4.20V then discharge to 3.00V1.battery 20.0 gr length. 50.86 mm diam. 13.94Discharge current 1A : Capacity 504 mAhDischarge current 0,5A: Capacity 785 mAh2.battery 20.1 gr length50.98 mm diam. 14.03Discharge current 1A : Capacity 520 mAhDischarge current 0,5A: Not tested Protection circuit not tested, but don't expect problem with this kind of batteries.
    Satisfied with purchase butits possible to buy here 14500 batteries cheaper with same tested capacity although with little differencies between cells.
    If well build, good batteries , same quality between cells are required go for these batteries although price should be lowered a bit.
  • Just the right cell for 14500 flashlights!

    posted by UliBaer

    Very convenient to charge, just as simple as NiMH cells. You put them in the charger and in the morning they are ready to go! No worry about babysitting the cells as with "normal" LiION 14500 cells. Don't worry, they will never explode or do other rude things, just be sure, not to short them.
    These cells would be unbeatable, if they would provide a little more capacity. At the moment the cells provide about the same or a little less energy than NiMH cells, but the flashlight is a lot brighter (though shorter run time) using them! If the capacity would be a little higher, they would clearly beat the NiMH cells for total energy contained!
    My favorite 14500 cell type so far!
  • Value For Money

    posted by totaly

    Great build and value for money quality, this battery is much then comparing to other unknown brand out there. This battery can be charge near to the rated mah, it's a low discharge battery as well, it will hold a good charge for more then 90 percent even you're not using it for a month after a full charge.
    I mainly using it on a flashlight, for expert you might consider using it on any other devise that using 3.7v power, this is a great replacement for existing dying battery.
    Don't think, just buy it, for the same price will be hard to get any other similar quality batteries like these. Recommend to get your hands on few sets for backup. Trust the comments, trust the experts here. ;P
  • Just perfect!

    posted by anderserlandsson

    Bought this battery, for my wireless alarm at home. Exactly the same battery, but half the prize from dx.com. The old, by the same manufacturers has been live and kicking for almost two years now! Really good!
    None!It takes some time to get the package delivered! So place your order in good time! I´ve got mine after three weeks with delivery to Sweden! So I ordered this in good time to have the replace battery at home, when it´s time to change!
  • Regular performance, but they are good product

    posted by josemore123

    These are really cheap batteries but you really do get excellent quality with these batteries.
    I tested their capacity and it came in at 789mAh, I was not expecting that at all, cool.
    I haven't tried them on a 1A discharge yet but I wouldnt expect this size battery would be put under such a load.
    Never had one arrive dead or over discharged either.
    They also came in a nice little solid protective case.
    One of the best batteries available at DealExtreme. GO for them.


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