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14500 q5 flashlight

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14500 q5 flashlight Customers Reviews

  • good torch

    posted by jlee45

    -bight torch-cool lantern feature, actually very useful in tent situation-decent ergonomics-nice material and finish-okay weight-takes standard AA battery
    -overall this was an excellent purchase-would definitely buy again if lost or just as an extra-would have been better if push power button was in glow-in-the-dark material
    nice looking torch that performs well and looks good
  • Cute and floody torch, with some repairable defects.

    posted by SpiderBabyITA

    This torch is small and light, thinner than most AA led torches. It feels good in my hand, it’s easy to pick it up and slide it in a pocket or attach it to a belt loop.It has both a lanyard and a clip: no other torches I have feature such completeness.It has 3 modes: high, medium, and strobe: nice in a cheap 9$ torch.Flood is very floody: a large and homogeneous circle of light. Throw is good too. The sliding mechanism works very well: not loose and not hard to move.The red ring is beautiful and gives this torch a distinctive look, but it also creates the worst problems this light has (see cons).
    I like this torch: it is small and cute, much more than the well known C78. Still, it does not perform as a C78 or a SK68 (I sent a comparative photo) in normal use, but the 3 modes can be handy. Throw is great.
    I would not recommend this as a first-and-only torch, but it is cheap and you can keep it beside the other more serious torches. In the end, if you roll some insulating tape on the red ring you loose some of the looks, but get a very good torch.
  • Totally worth it

    posted by ThePoeticJester

    Easy to use and the magnet on the bottom came in pretty handy just dont trust that magnet too much its not overly strong.Other than that all three settings work well and I haven't killed the batteries yet.
    I bought it with the idea its better than nothing and it it surprisingly good.
    Buy it, it comes in really handy.
  • Flexible three stage light

    posted by CombatControl

    This light has good quality construction with the exception of the top switch, on all three examples I bought the rubber guard is slightly off-center.The light is very bright on high, the low setting throws a good beam as well. On flash it will dazzle anyone on the other end and would make a good signaling light. The surprise is the strong magnet on the bottom that will hold it in place very well on a metal surface.
    Handy size, fill the hand but no too much. Can be held in off and for pistol use much like more expensive lights with the same capabilities.
    Good light for general use, very good price.
  • Great bright light flashlight.

    posted by Lukes01

    Very sturdy alu casing.The on/off switch feels right.The zoom can be adjusted single handed while holding the flashlight.Very bright white light.Fits easily in your pocket.Overall has a high quality look and feel.It doesn't look and feel cheap at all. You would easily pay more for this flashlight.
    I can not comment on battery life. I have tested the flashlight with a 1.5v AA battery, which already gives me a satisfying and impressive light output. This flashlight can have a type 14500 3.7V battery which I didn't have at the time of writing. Assuming this would give a higher light output (lumen). Looks even more promising.
    A great quality flashlight you need to have.

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