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14500 3.7v batteries

You can buy cheap 14500 3.7v batteries from us. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

14500 3.7v batteries Customers Reviews

  • Very easy to use, small (good for traveling )

    posted by Erez500

    It works fine, suitable for traveling small (even the outlet is folded so it is easy to put in the bag), low weight. Charge quickly enough. Suitable for variety of batteries (I already used it with 18650 and with 16340 and both were charged fully and quite quick).
    I purchase in the past Ultra-Fire charger and it can't charge 16340 (had to build special adapter). This one is only for single battery (the Ultra-Fire charger is for two in parallel) but in most cases (mainly in travels) it is OK, and let it be small and low weight.
    Mobile and easy to use
  • great battery for the price

    posted by Alex0987

    the batteries came half charged.their size is 14,2mm x 51,85mm(they are a little bit longer cause of the protection)the protection works very well, it cuts off at~2,65 Voltsand the short circuit protection works great, too.
    the capacity is about 790mAh by discharging with 1A till the protection cuts off. When you discharge them very slow, 900mAh are almost realisticthe internal resistance is about 220mO each cell.
    fantastic batteries for the price, protection works well and the capacity is ok.
  • Great

    posted by SjorsVR

    This is a great quality battery.It has a very good charge lifetime, doesn't drain quickly at all.It fits an AA size battery slot perfectly, so it is very easy to use.
    I bought this to upgrade the workings of a flywheel toy gun, after reading about it online. This item did exactly what I had anticipated.The increased voltage from 1.5V to 3.7-4.2V is definitely noticeable.
    Great quality battery with good charge lifetime.I love them and will be getting more in the future.
  • Great batteries!

    posted by AlexandruDragos

    Very good build quality. I like the color red because I can easily differentiate them from my AA NiMh batteries.Excellent for vaping if you have a 14500 mod. I use it in a mini Lambo and it works great! These batteries deliver high current until they are close to completely discharged. Have I mentioned the price? I think these are the best batteries for this price. Couldn't find better and cheaper IMR 14500 batteries.
    Recommended for vaping with a 14500 mod.
    Great price and performance. If you are looking for IMR 14500 batteries, these are the ones!
  • good product

    posted by dkukanja

    Very vell built battery, almost no difference in capacity between two pcs received. I use mine in e-cigarette. For now they have good capacity . Lenght of the battery is aproximately 51 mm, diameter 14 mm. They perfectly fit in standard AA battery holder.I didn't test protection circuit on these batteries.
    No thoughts.
    Very good product for a more than fair price! I can recommend it for appliances such as emergency lighting, portable devices, power tools.Protected rechargeable batteries are a must buy and the small price increase vs unprotected rechargeable's is absolutely worth the added protection.

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