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1300mah battery

The 1300mah battery your looking for is one of our top sellers. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

1300mah battery Customers Reviews

  • Good stand-by back up battery

    posted by artlopes

    These are very good for the price. The battery can be used as the original one, allthought they can't conserve as much energy as the original ones, that came with camera. I'd tested some unbranded batterys and these from DX gave me very good results even being cheaper than the others.
    If You like to be prepared for a nice day recordings, you should have a good stock of battery, so i don´t run out of power right in important moment. This is werw Dx come very handy, since they sell good camera batterys for a fraction of the price compared to the one here in Portugal.
    I´ll definitely buy more, so i don´t worry about getting out of battery in special momment. Very recommended!!!!
  • Good cheap battery

    posted by Azoimide

    Battery is cheap, good capacity. Very well packaged (in high density foam in a laminated MDF box). Also has a plastic tab to remove battery (useful if you have a phone with a difficult to remove battery).
    On my Nokia 6280:
    Constantly playing a video, this battery lasted 3hrs 50min, the original battery lasted 3hrs 40min - however the original battery is over 2 years old and does not hold its charge as well.
    The Japod battery lasted 5 days on standby, with some use (dozen SMSs, few minutes of calls and approx 15min use eg camera).
    If your current battery is dying then i recommend this battery.
  • Pretty good price..

    posted by calc1

    Very low price compared to an OEM version which can run about $40+. Battery looks pretty good with lots of labeling and not just some generic battery.
    As to answer the forum questions the underside is metal/metal like. Not the same type of metal on a real TyTn II battery. You can tell the difference by feeling it. Original battery has 1350 mah. Seems to last about as long as the original battery when it was new. Battery is most likely not 1300 mah but i don't have a way to measure it.
    Battery life seems good/usable. Shaped exactly like the original Tytn II battery not sure if this will fit anything else.
  • Works as per seller's description

    posted by Azram

    Comes only with charger and an extra 1300mAH battery. Charges well on my original AHDBT-302 GoPro battery and 1600mAH battery. Pretty fast charging comes with different input (microusb and miniusb) to charge it up.
    No remarks for this section
    Inexpensive (as it comes charger with battery). Not bad for a price.
  • Great battery. Wish more lights used it.

    posted by meester

    I love these batteries. I crammed them into a Romisen RC-i3 (SKU 7502). If I could get them into the Akoray (sku 16607) I'd really have the best of two worlds. Flashlights that use AA sized 14500 batteries are long enough for these. The key is . . .can the light body be reamed open enough to take this battery? If so you get the 1300mah instead of lilttle 900mah capacity.
    Has anybody bundled these into a laptop? Will the protection pcb interfer or help?
    Fan of these batteries.

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