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12v waterproof led remote

You will be surprised our best 12v waterproof led remote with an artful design and an amazing price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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12v waterproof led remote Customers Reviews

  • Better Than Expected

    posted by Malcolm1961

    Just like heng64, I purchased four of these lamps to use in a portable livestream TV system. They are compact but put out a great deal of light.
    I ended up with a perfect termination for my application by using cigarette lighter plugs. Since this is a 12-volt light, I can power it from my vehicle.
    I'll probably buy a few more to create a light array.
  • Waterproof 72W 4500lm 300-5050 SMD LED RGB

    posted by gjk2002

    Buen combo entre tira y controladora se logran buenos efectos. Funciono todo de primera oportunidad, no hay leds quemados. La potencia luminica de la tira es exelente, quedo muy bien instalada en la garganta de iluminacion de mi living comedor.
    Buena relacion de precio y prestaciones. Ideal para jugar a hacer efectos interesantes de iluminacion en ambientes de su casa
    Comprelo sin dudar, es un lindo juguete
  • Bright lights, nice effects, fixable remote

    posted by acidratio

    300 bright LEDs on tape strip with 3M self-adhesive. Flash effects are superior to other similar products in that you get a "moving" sequence option in addition to the fade and strobe effects. My DVD remote, old VCR remote, and current cable box remotes also control the light effects.
    The item comes without an AC/DC adapter. If you're somewhat of an electronics rat pack geek like me, then you should already have some old adapter in your arsenal. I had 18 in my collection with different outputs for volts & amperes. I found one with 12Vdc and 1.2 Amps was the best to use. It lit the lights as brightly as they could get without heating them up too much.
    Once you fix the wiring in the remote and tape strip, all buttons work perfectly and as they are noted. The dancing flash effects and closely positioned LEDs make this a better deal than other similar items on DX. I'm very satisfied with the product considering its cost.
  • Excellent, bright light strip with many color combinations

    posted by xchipx

    Lights up a whole room with happy colors. Either static or fade, blink or switching. You can customize your own colors by controlling each of the three colored LEDs (RGB). You can also control intensity, and speed of "animated" effects. Installation was very simple for me. Just plug in the parts, connect it to an outlet and I was ready to party!
    Fade between more than 7 colors would be cool.
    I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to light up a wall, cupboard or something else. I mighty buy more of these in the future!
  • Awesome

    posted by madscienti11

    Really bright!
    Controller has lots of cool modes, though the buttons do not accurately describe the modes.
    There are a number of colored buttons, and you can pick the color from these buttons.
    It really is waterproof. To cut it, I just cut and then soldered wires, then I put a bunch of silicone on the connection.
    Looks great as underglow!
    Draws about 1.5A, so it isn't really 30W, but it is plenty bright. Red draws the most current.
    Great! About the cheapest you can get, anywhere.

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