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12v warm white 5050

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12v warm white 5050 Customers Reviews

  • Nice tint

    posted by RadoB

    The color of a light is wery nice similar to a clasic light. With 12V they draw 2.5A so they are 30W not 75W as in description. You can put a litle more electricity to get more power but then they get wery hot and this is not good.
    I used them in a kitchen glued under uper elements in duble row and they look wery nice.
    If you dont search for wery bright stripes this are wright for you. Put a nice 3.2A SKU: 100394 or better 5A SKU:94978 and you get a nice durable kitchen light.
  • Very nice bulb

    posted by Loner911

    very bright just like standard T10 filament bulbs. Light dispersion is good as there are 9 LEDS all round.
    Been using for 2 months. The color is still uniform and very bright.
    Its a cheap and good replacement for most car's pole light and number plate light. Best of all, low power consumption. Not too flashy like white or blue colors which may get into trouble with the traffic law in the country.
  • This is very bright buld, but long size

    posted by mulcek2

    This led is much brighter than stock bulb. Used it on a Ford Mondeo MK3 front parking w5w light and cabin front seats leg room.Warm white color is equal to main lights (no problem with street regulations). I like slot like led base as it is way easier to install (no wires bending). Nice amber color & led look.
    Hope they will last because of heat from main lights. Mondeo mk3 has separate compartment for parking bulbs so this is less of an issue.
    Very bright, proper warm white, hope they last.
  • Very bright warm white bulbs

    posted by Loner911

    Good replacement for festoon halogen yellow bulbs. The color is quite close to original bulb, no heat generated when on for long as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.
    For the price, it's extremely value for money. Been using for 2 months and still functioning wrll
    Good replacement for interior bulbs if you like original warm white color
  • Not bad

    posted by djinkyman

    It has a bridge rectifier (AC-to-DC) so that you can use it directly in a standard 12V AC-powered halogen fixture without any flickering - no need to buy a DC power supply.
    It is just a little bit weaker than half the strength of what you get from a normal 20 watt halogen bulb. This is amazing for consuming just a 20th the power, of course. Would be nice to have this exact product but at 2W and a little bit warmer color temperature.
    Not really strong enough for replacing your desk lamp, but then again they consume just 1 watt, so these are ok for simple lighting along the floor in f.e. a hallway or something, or some night-light that doesn't have to illuminate a room.


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