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12v usb adapter

The 12v usb adapter your looking for is one of our top sellers. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Find more popular products from usb bluetooth adapter, usb lan adapter. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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12v usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Much better than my previous one

    posted by arequejo

    This fine piece of equipment does what it is supposed to do: charge your pda, mobile phone, handheld console... It fits perfectly the lighter plug in my car, and provide enough power to feed my devices. You can make all your base belong to you with this device.
    If you need one of this, get this one. I substituted my old one, a single USB charging port with this one and I'm very happy
  • Really good product!

    posted by borrego22

    It works really well, the construction seems well-made, the available colors, I love them! Has a red light announcing that your device is getting charged.
    I was so pleased with this product that I bought a second one to have one in my car and on my mom's car, so I'll be sure I'll always have an available source to charge my iPhone :D
    Buy it! For this price you get a product that you would find in stores for a higher price!
  • An adapter that does most of the this it should

    posted by Diviner

    - The twin sockets available, are enough for most car users. - The adapter has a long cord which is not string shape - exactly what I was looking for. - The adapter fits firmly in the american cigarette socket (also a pleasant surprise).
    - I should have opened it before plugging into the car, some times there are diodes soldered backwards, this can be fixed easily, might have made the USB port usable.- The cord could have been made thicker but may be it's just me getting worried.
    Don't expect to the USB to work, unless you fix it yourself. Other than that, it is a very useful adapter, not a must, be a nice to have.
  • 4 -> 1 cigarette lighter adapter

    posted by capadonic

    we wanted to buy a adapter, but i didn't want to pay 25$ for it. so we always try to manage without. But now for this low price, we just bought it, and we can't miss it anymore!WORKS like a charm!
    We have two kids, and we are always having problems with devices that need to be charged in the car. we have a GPS, 2 headrest videoscreens, and sometimes when we are travelling we also need to charge our cellphones. We always managed to charge everything, but it was one big worrie! now we can connect the GPS and the two headrest videoscreens in the cigarette lighters, and the phones in the USB ports. This makes our life much easier.
    works great, but feels really light and cheap. but does what it needs to do, so if you want a cheap solution, do not hesitate.
  • Perfect

    posted by Joflixen

    Excellent Device - adequate filtering and stable voltage drop. Under load these units performed very well.Great performance in handling 12 - 5v conversion
    I purchased these puppies with intent to disassemble them for a project. Two electro caps, coil and controller in a small package for 50c - sold!These devices perform well for their intended function of powering your 5v devices from the car supply.
    Exceptional unit for the price; I will buy more of these and have them on-the-shelf for further intended purpose or project work.

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