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The 12v usb adapter your looking for is one of our top sellers. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Find more popular products from usb bluetooth adapter, usb lan adapter. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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12v usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Cute small useful charger

    posted by kac1983

    Very nice adapter, it has compact dimensions so it fits perfectley in the plug, without any part that comes out. It allows also to eventually close the cover if your car has one on the cigarette lighter plug. It has also a green led that allows you to know if it is still on. 1 Ampere is perfect to charge also the newest smartphones (that requires 1 Ampere of current) without any problems. for this price is almost given away.
    I'd buy one just in case you have low battery and need your phone on the road.
    Cute small useful charger
  • It's a bargain, works well

    posted by kauris

    Great price, nice design, fits well into car's interior (black & chrome), power indicator. Nice "handle", that helps you to pull it out. It has also small size, fits into my car's astray while the it is closed.Has worked well for over 6 months now, never had a problem. Charges all devices that I have tried: iPhone, Nokia phones, GPS navigator.
    This small device is what you have been looking for, if you want USB charger in your car.
  • Micro usb charger for automotive use

    posted by adityabhelke

    Micro usb charger for automotive use.Does not heat up after long use. Works just fine for smaller mobile phones and smart phones.The LED light is a good feature, and is pretty bright, so a good visual indicator that the charger is on.
    I will suggest to buy products on dx which are rated for 2A for larger mobiles, and 1A for medium sized mobiles or smart phones. After long use, the spring action of the charger got weak, but a simple pull with a pliers fixed the issue and made it tight to fit on a 12v socket.
    Good for small mobiles, not for medium or larger mobiles.
  • 4 -> 1 cigarette lighter adapter

    posted by capadonic

    we wanted to buy a adapter, but i didn't want to pay 25$ for it. so we always try to manage without. But now for this low price, we just bought it, and we can't miss it anymore!WORKS like a charm!
    We have two kids, and we are always having problems with devices that need to be charged in the car. we have a GPS, 2 headrest videoscreens, and sometimes when we are travelling we also need to charge our cellphones. We always managed to charge everything, but it was one big worrie! now we can connect the GPS and the two headrest videoscreens in the cigarette lighters, and the phones in the USB ports. This makes our life much easier.
    works great, but feels really light and cheap. but does what it needs to do, so if you want a cheap solution, do not hesitate.
  • Does what it needs to do.

    posted by bbRadar

    It's cheap and has been reliable enough for me.I use these to charge my electronics off my motorbike when I'm out bush. They cop a beating (vibrations/dust/water) and I haven't had one fail yet.
    The one currently plugged into my bike has been there for about 4000km of offroad use (rain/mud/beach/dust/dirt). The socket it plugs into is has been the cause of the the few problems I've had (corrosion).
    It does what it needs to do, and it's cheap enough to buy a few spare.


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