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12v switch Customers Reviews

  • Nice device

    posted by aklabs

    I'm using this device to control remotely my home automation. Remote works well through concrete walls of my home. And even from a garden (when antenna is extended to maximum position). Receiver looks fine, relay modules works as expected, the housing made of good thick plastic.
    So the distance is good, but my panasonic DECT phone have the same distance or even better with internal antenna.
    I want additional remotes. Not sure if the receiver support multiple remotes, but at least I need to have one additional if my main remote broken.
  • Nice 1A Power Supply

    posted by FredericoRamos

    Very nice power supply. The output voltage can be ajusted above and below 12V by a trimpot. There is a green led that indicates power on. The case has lots of cooling holes.
    I use to drive 6 12V 60mm diameters cooler that refrigerate an big dissipator with a lot of 3W cree leds. The dissipator stays only warm. 90 watts of leds in a 120cm aluminium bar.
    Just buy it with you need a maximum 1 A current.
  • I'm using this 5mts led strip to light up my pond

    posted by Ninguem

    - really waterproof* !!!
    - the power supply seams to be strong enough
    - the strip light is really strong (see the images uploaded - when approved)
    - the strip is alive after 3 days 25cm under water (after a silicone work on it's start and end)
    could inform us how deep can we use it
    could have a better finishing on start and end edges
    could have a longer wire on it... I have to join the wires under water... with more silicon work hehehe
    but you can change the wire with some solder work...
    5mts led strip with very good amount of light, with low power consumption, and waterproof (almost, but easy to get it perfectly with silicone) with an accessible price!! buy it !!
  • Extremely Versatile and Fantastic Range

    posted by GreginOtago

    Has three different types of operation, select-able by a pin switch. This provides great versatility with the two buttons on the Remote. Remote has a huge range - I have it operating flawlessly over 50 metres to the receiver, which in inside a steel box and located behind a small berm (although the receiver's aerial is located inside a small waterproof plastic cap located at the end of the metal box - still impressive though!)
    So good, I ordered a second one.
    Very good value for money.
  • This switch works exactly the way I expect it!

    posted by nouyz

    Functionality as expected.Easy to install, even for novice.Switching function works perfectly.
    I may look for other model with similar function, though this one works perfectly to fulfill my needs.
    This switch... is worth every penny I spent

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