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12v switch supply

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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 12v switch supply here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can find what you want at car switch 12v, 12v control switch. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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12v switch supply Customers Reviews

  • Neat little power pack for hobby projects

    posted by PA5UL

    Sturdy stainless steel housing, small size allows you to place it inside equipment. Neat printed circuit layout, good component placement and soldering, looks really professional. Little green LED indicates power is available.
    No user documentation is supplied but that is not really needed for standard use.
    Good value for money, neat little power pack for hobby projects.
  • Good product

    posted by galgamo

    Small size, easy to connect to leds, it has screws to easy insert the led wires.
    Working perfectly, but keep in mind that i have not fully loaded this power supply. I will not drain 10A from it.
    Perfect if you want to power some strip led. Actually I'm using them to power 1 or 2 strip leds. I know that drains 5 or 6A from the power supply but i prefer to keep it underloaded . For the price it has, everything ok.
  • Very nice product

    posted by beezee

    Well made, good quality feel. Output voltage can be fine tuned (on my unit) from 11 to 12.4V. Voltage stays constant for up to 2.5A and will drop slightly, but not unreasonably when drawing more. I took 4A for half an hour, voltage dropped to 11 V but the unit kept working, tho getting warm, as would be expected. Short-circuit-proof (I tried), the unit auto resets.
    I did not check ripple/noise. As with most switching units I would expect there to be some, but given how well it performs I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Good product, I can recommend it.
  • Nice 1A Power Supply

    posted by FredericoRamos

    Very nice power supply. The output voltage can be ajusted above and below 12V by a trimpot. There is a green led that indicates power on. The case has lots of cooling holes.
    I use to drive 6 12V 60mm diameters cooler that refrigerate an big dissipator with a lot of 3W cree leds. The dissipator stays only warm. 90 watts of leds in a 120cm aluminium bar.
    Just buy it with you need a maximum 1 A current.
  • Powerfull

    posted by milcha

    Very cheap in comparison with similar product available on european market. Easy to connect AC power and output wires. Slideable cover for wires and robust construction.
    I had to connect the fan to the PWM signal from Arduino and regulate RPM according the case-temperature. Still is not silent enough. Planning to change the small fan for a larger one and mount it on the outer side
    The unit is not water resistant! So be careful in moist environment

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