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12v smd led Customers Reviews

  • It's an ok LED strip, but uses single red/green/blue LEDs

    posted by nitro2k01

    All LEDs work. The strip seems to be using genuine 3M double sided adhesive tape on the back. Strip is covered in a clear silicone material. All components are mounted. (On some cheaper strips you have to solder the resistors yourself.) The strip can be directly connected to a 12V supply or RGB controller.
    When taking the strip out of the bag, you can feel a smell of a solvent, maybe alcohol or acetone. This goes away after 24 hours, but maybe the factory should let the product dry overnight before packing it in an airtight bag.Product differs slightly from photo. I have reported this to dx and they will probably fix it soon.
    It's an ok LED strip for the price, but be aware uses single red/green/blue LEDs if you want a strip with RGB diodes.
  • Used them for license-plate lightning

    posted by Aonir

    -Very bright, they easily replace the 5W incandescents used in my car's license plate illumination
    -Use less power than the original lamps,
    -Look cool and modern
    -Easy to replace
    -They may not fit your license plate illumination sockets, as they are bigger than the incandescent soffite lamps, so make sure that there is enough space not only for spherical sofitte lamps, but room for the pcb of these, too.
    Get some, they give your car a cooler look and provide better visibility of your license plate if they are used to illuminate it.
  • Please note, this LED strip flashes ... !

    posted by Willem54

    - good build quality- funny light effects- bright white light
    I bought this LED strip for illuminating my licenceplate. Unfortunately is this LED strip not suitable for this purpose. There is a build-in chip, with some kind of flashing effects (flashing light effects and various walking-light effects behind each other). I can not figure out whether this effect can be turned off, and there is no manual available. This functioning of the product cannot be found in the discription.
    So a nice LED strip, gives a lot of light, but not usable for normal lighting purposes for which I bought it.
  • expert Specialist lighting

    posted by FantomSpace

    Tape and 72W is shining very brightly. On the quality of tape without problems. Waterproof to be good.
    Recommended by the manufacturer to review the options for power supply and power to them then the goods will be paid attention to.
    I am interested to buy this product after error correction.
  • The bestttttt

    posted by elomy2010

    Cheapest RGB led strip I could find. Build quality is good. Flexible silicone tubing covers the strip and has (propably) water proof caps in both ends. Easy to cut to
    None that I can think of. But it can always be cheaper haha.Lumen/watt isn't exactly the highest but it's decent.
    I've also used sku14852, which is similar but costs $20 more. The only real differences I can spot are the controller+remote (this one is better) and the fact that this one has a sort of protection tube, where sku14582 has a glue-strip on the back. I'm planning to cut parts of the LED strip to use in projects where I'll make my own controller. So I would prefer the glue strip over the protection tube, but then again this one is $20 cheaper.

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