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  • A very useful accessory for parking your car.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    It's simple to install, the hardest part is to remove the bumper to accommodate the cords. Then placed and passed the wires through the side of the upholstery. Very useful for parking and blindly.The price is very good and thoroughly recommended.
    I think it could came in multiple color for pleope who can´t paint it but I don´t think it´s a problem because there are millons of colors in cars and one have buy the correct!
    Nothing to say It´s a cheap and very useful accessory for parking your car, you will not be disappointed.
  • Unbelievable low price for top product!

    posted by Lieuwke

    Very well constructed and very versatile product. Due to the multiturn potentiometers you can set sensivity and time very acuratly. LED gives you indication of the relay state wich makes adjusting to your needs very easy. When LDR detects light the relay will be activated and released when it gets dark. The time is actually the delay before the relay is deactivated. So time is actually the hysteresis.
    The relay on the board makes this useable for almost any project!
    This is a wonderfull product for an amazing price. If you would buy all parts seperatly it would cost you more.
  • Works OK, can be better documented

    posted by octinum

    - Good price/performance ratio (i.e. cheap and works fine)- Easy installation once you remove the bumper. - Very sensitive for small distances. Starts continuous beep at about 10cm so you know when you are *really* close. Ultrasonic sensors have a hard time detecting under 30cm. - Does not beep when vehicle is not moving. More usable tan ultrasonic ones in front bumper. - No holes on the bumper, completely hidden from outside.- Everything needed is inside the box contents.
    You need to measure your bumper before starting installation. The higher-price kits' documentation states that it should be fitted between 40 to 60cm from ground. I installed it at almost 60cm, so the lower side of my bumper is still in danger. You should also install it almost around the entire bumper. Leave 10-15cm from rear wheelhouses. Mine extends only 10-15cm to the sides of the bumper so I can not detect everything. These are not written in the documentation so do your research before installing. Apart from that, I've been driving for 15 years and am used to drive without parking sensors. So I already can feel the half-meter-gap. This kit helps me identify much closer distances. If you want longer range instead of sensitivity in close distances, opt for the ultrasonic ones. It also needs a slow-but-almost-steady rear motion to work. If you stop, you don't hear any beeps. If you go too fast, it might be too late for you to respond to beeps.
    Much more preferrable to ultrasonic sensors. Price is low and you don't do any damage to your bumper when installing, so it's worth a try. Will buy a second kit for my front bumper.
  • Cool effect and nice and long - over 8 feet of flexible green light!

    posted by jernst67

    Good price for the light outputI ran this at 3 V, 5 V and 12 V. Obviously at the lower voltages the light is not as bright but it's really neat.It's nice and long - at over 8 feet long, there's a lot of material to work with.
    I like it and am happy with it overall.
    I think this was a good buy and have purchased several others in different colors. I like the wide voltage range I can work with and it will look cool when my project is completed.
  • Good price. Dual Technology. PIR and Microwave

    posted by Nicotk

    Dual Technology. PIR and MicrowaveMicrocontrolled.The alarm is triggered when both detect. That avoids most false alarms often occur especially with sensors outside.
    Little documentation on the Internet.Documentation of similar equipment but do not exactly match.Even the Chinese user manual didn´t have several diference.
    Good product, shame the lack of documentation in English or Spanish.If one knows the subject can get by without documentation but do not get the maximum benefit.


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