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12v sensor Customers Reviews

  • A very useful accessory for parking your car.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    It's simple to install, the hardest part is to remove the bumper to accommodate the cords. Then placed and passed the wires through the side of the upholstery. Very useful for parking and blindly.The price is very good and thoroughly recommended.
    I think it could came in multiple color for pleope who can´t paint it but I don´t think it´s a problem because there are millons of colors in cars and one have buy the correct!
    Nothing to say It´s a cheap and very useful accessory for parking your car, you will not be disappointed.
  • Good price. Dual Technology. PIR and Microwave

    posted by Nicotk

    Dual Technology. PIR and MicrowaveMicrocontrolled.The alarm is triggered when both detect. That avoids most false alarms often occur especially with sensors outside.
    Little documentation on the Internet.Documentation of similar equipment but do not exactly match.Even the Chinese user manual didn´t have several diference.
    Good product, shame the lack of documentation in English or Spanish.If one knows the subject can get by without documentation but do not get the maximum benefit.
  • Works as required

    posted by PieterT

    NO DRILLING OR UGLY SENSORS!!!!Installation is very easy.If access to inside of bumper is not easily accessible, remove bumper like I did.Most bumpers remove very easily - just google your car and I am sure you will find it easy.
    I installed this in my front bumper, thus needed to install switch for when I am not parking, as bumps and sharp turns also gives a warning. For rear bumper connection to reverse lamp the kit includes all that is required.Not as accurate as external sensors with display, but if you can park and just want some help in close spots this works brilliantly.For reverse I would rather use a wireless cam, as I have installed them on 4 different vehicles and it is just better, but for front or classic cars this is brilliant!
    If you want a completely hidden system, get this one.If you regularly reverse park in tight possitions and do not mind a display on your dashboard, rather get a full wireless reverse camera kit.As my car already has a factory reverse cam, but no input for another front cam, this is perfect for my Scooby.
  • really compact works great

    posted by djrazor

    very very small, did not expect it to be this small, has a built in accelerometer which tells it if its an emergency braking espically on the highway, and if slow and steady stop, and if a stand still, on a stand still, it shows a solid brake light, on a slow and steady braking it blinks slowly, and in emergency it blinks rapidly for 10 seconds than slowly for 5 seconds and then steady
    well worth the money, havent been pulled over once, been using it around a police station just to make sure x]
    buy it, dramatically increases driver visibility satisfaction guaranteed =]
  • A good sensor

    posted by 12alex129

    Sensitive enough. Not expensive. Powered by a large distance. A switch inside the sensor sensitivity. Instruction in English. Built-in relays for signal control signaling. The passport is the radiation pattern of 12 meters. Enough for a large room.
    Good inexpensive motion sensor. Adapted for the alarm system on the perimeter. Long range, excellent sensitivity. False positives are not watching.
    Can be taken.


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