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12v rgb remote Customers Reviews

  • Works GREAT for my car!!

    posted by Elecy

    Fairly bright for their size! Almost too bright for not wanting the cops to see any lights (apparently it can be illegal to have any lights installed 'inside' your car even). You can cut the strips ever few inches for seperating, this is great!converter box takes care of making sure any voltage spikes in a car electrical system doesnt fry your lights!Tape backing if you want to stick em (but i used zip ties)
    This was a great gadget for what i was after. Originally a few years ago i would have gone cathode.. But at this point These work just as good in my opinion and you can aim these.. I aim these down from under the dash at the feet. Althought a bit bright on full, its perfectly exactly what i expected! I just wish the box has a few other features (dimming during color phasing, and maybe even sound activiated pulsing)
    I put these in my 02' accord. I used some quick splices onto the glovebox light cables, so these lights only come on when the glovebox light would normally come on (i.e. when i turn the headlights on, i.e. at night only! perfect!) I haven't had any issues with power spikes yet or any shorts. I dont have any inline fuse or anything. It works perfectly fine on car! No issues!Get a set, they are GREAT for 25 bucks!
  • Great lightstrip

    posted by MileStorm

    - Very good price for an RGB light strip (In my country this similar strip cost two times as this one.)
    - Great colors, bright, looks very nice, when it shines on the wall at night :)
    - IR Remote with very good range and angle, so I can turn lights on/off from any place in my room.
    - Cuttable after 10cm (3x LED)
    - 3M doubletape on bottom of the strip.
    If there's no manual for remote, here is short description of it.
    MODES: blue, green, light blue, red, purple, light green, white, R-G-B cycle, cycle of colors above, R-G-B cycle with fade, all spectrum fade cycle.
    BUTTONS: under ON/OFF switch are for brightness, under MODE switch are for cycle speed in cycling modes.
    Very nice led strip for very affordable price.
    Great for decorating car, room, bar.
    Remote controlled.
  • very cool for kids rooms

    posted by FudgeNZ

    great low power mood lighting. I use these in our kids rooms and run them along the walls to provide mood lighting at night.
    they provide very good background light, definitely not enough to read under, but along side a lamp they are great.
    having the remote control means you can work it and turn it off without having to go and disturb people in the room also.
    I power 2 x lengths of this using a 10amp power supply, also bought from DX!
    we plan on getting more to run round our deck to provide lighting for edges at night.
    great mood lighting for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Great starting base for a dive torch

    posted by Flyowynd

    Using it to light a small pool that seems a very good deal. Even outside it will give a correct amount of light. Having a remote to change color is also a plus.Where it starts to be very attractive it to use it as a base to build a diving torch.Just replace the RGB led with 3 Cree T60 and for 12V input you will have 3000 lumen just for you and your camera.
    very good for this price...unbeatable for a dive torch
    need to see how deep I can bring this without leaks but need to finish the diving adaptation before.
  • nice remote

    posted by luqux

    Its small and lightweight, has plenty of buttons to use.The connection to the led stripe was the one i needed so thats perfect for me. I connected to a 5m RGB 5050 led stripe and it works great!
    It works as expected, cons are no so bad.
    Very good remote.


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