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12v relay module

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12v relay module Customers Reviews

  • Very, very good

    posted by MildLeeIntrstd

    Very easy to understand use. 5v circuit includes current limiting resistors, so you can run this directly from a microprocessor.12V relay coil circuit includes "flyback" diodes for suppression of back EMF spikes.Well built.
    + 12Vdc supply for driving relay coils goes to "VCC" pin.0V for this circuit goes to "GND" pin.+5Vdc on any of the input pins will switch the associated relay. 0V for this circuit goes on the "COM" pin."COM" and "GND" can be linked with the supplied jumper. I have used a common ground rail to run two of these modules with a microcontroller sharing the same ground rail with no problems.
    Be careful that you understand the required circuit to run the relays. You need to SOURCE +5V onto an input pin to run that relay and COM is your 0V. You do NOT put +5V on the common and SINK the inputs to ground.
  • Excellent relay module for quality and price.

    posted by EdTronique

    I have spent some time using much more expensive computer controlled modules in the past that were similar to this but this one channel relay module beats them all for quality to price ratio. This single relay channel can easily be adapted to most computer interface to control remote things such as opening / closing a garage door, controlling lights and can also be easily controlled by an Arduino or Raspberry PI. Easy to configure and control with any most PC programs or with an Arduino.
    Great singlechannel domestic voltage control module. Including a one page manual of operation could be a welcome addition - for $.50 cents extra if needed.
    Excellent unit built superbe quality for its affordably low price.
  • Easy to use device for separate your micropocessor from the rest on circuit

    posted by richardfabo

    It's easy to use, when you know, where should be connected what. It comes without scheme, but connection is easy:VCC + GND = +12V DC and GNDIN1 .. IN4 = your 5V outputs from microcontrollerCOM = your GND from microcontrollerGND = the same as 12 V GNDNote: there is a jumper for connecting COM (=microcontroller GND) and GND (=12V source GND), to have the same potential. But this is not needed, when disconnected, the circuit of microcontroller and other 12V circuit are isolated (unless there is any other connection)...Other pros: red LEDs showing state of relais (on/off), one LED is ON when 12V DC supply is present.
    It solid and good contruction, also soldering is nice and proper. The faulty relay can be easily replaced.
    Worthy to buy.Cheaper than buy the parts anf build by yourself.
  • Very good Wireless Remote control

    posted by Nick17200

    I bought 10 sets of this model of remoteI am very happy with them. They consium low power, long-range .Working frequency: 433.92MHz, Control modes: Latch (L), Unlatch (M), They report excellent price! Honestly recommend!
    Although the figure is frameless reception I received as a bonus the 10 sets with case!The wireless receiving controller, with high-security, stable performance, low power consumption.
    radio remote control high quality, robust and stable!
  • Unbelievable low price for top product!

    posted by Lieuwke

    Very well constructed and very versatile product. Due to the multiturn potentiometers you can set sensivity and time very acuratly. LED gives you indication of the relay state wich makes adjusting to your needs very easy. When LDR detects light the relay will be activated and released when it gets dark. The time is actually the delay before the relay is deactivated. So time is actually the hysteresis.
    The relay on the board makes this useable for almost any project!
    This is a wonderfull product for an amazing price. If you would buy all parts seperatly it would cost you more.


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