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12v rechargeable battery

If you want to purchase 12v rechargeable battery, this is your best place to buy it. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Find more hot gadgets at rechargeable lithium batteries and gp rechargeable batteries. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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12v rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Inmejorable

    posted by estebanhuertos

    Bateria muy compacta que permite utilizar varios elementos a la vez sin desfallecer. Yo la utilizo para no conectar los aparatos al mechero del coche y es muy comoda. El plazo de envío dentro de unos limites aceptables para haber cruzado medio planeta
    si no quieres tener infinidad de cables conectados al mechero o quieres poner algun aparato en una zona perdida del coche esta es tu bateria
    Buena bateria, merece la pena
  • It's nice...

    posted by patrickmaxxcc

    It works, of course, comes with a little bit of charge. You can use it to power up a lot of devices, I use mine do feed a video receiver and a LCD monitor.The battery life is fine, since you use it just casually.It's well built, looks solid. It powered my router without any problem, so, it works fine.
    It's smaller and easier than a 11.1v Li-Po battery.
    Don't have reason to not buy it. If you need it to replace a 11.1v lipo battery (which don't last too much as this battery), if you want to make your device portable or whatelse you need it, you really should buy, it's a cool product.
  • Great battery with flimsy charger

    posted by petur

    - Nice battery- Capacity not measured but seems to be holding OK- excellent build quality
    BEWARE: after connecting charger, switch battery ON or it will not be charging! Charger light must be red.Measured power of charger while charging the battery: Started at about 6W, then slowly rose to 8W for quite a while before it dropped again to about 3W, after some time I disconnected it.Charger became very hot. Power-correction factor was pretty bad at about 0.54.
    Good battery, lousy charger.
  • Very neat device

    posted by jhgreenstein

    I really like this unit. I'm not sure of the real capacity as I haven't tested it but it holds it's charge well, doesn't overheat on charging or usage and is compact. The two plugs is a nice touch which meansd you can leave it connected permanently to the load as well as the charger which is what I do for security cameras. If the power goes you have automatic backup for a few hours.
    When the Dreamlines wer grounded due to a Lithium battery explosion I was a little worried about leaving these in unattended installations.Make sure there is a smoke/fire detector installed.
  • Longest lasting battery

    posted by bestenemy

    Straight to the point design with nothing extra. Nice and compact.
    The charge indicator lights are located on the adapter as oppose to the battery pack. The upside is that the pack has fewer components - just a switch and a power LED. The downside is that because of it you can't substitute the power supply with a more powerful one. Wouldn't risk it anyway, since the pack has no ventilation and may overheat with anything higher than the rated current.
    Great backup battery for just about anything that runs off 12V. Enough capacity to last for a long long time.
    Other online vendors sell bare lithium cells for more than this package is worth. Highly recommend.
    The power switch on the pack stands out and sometimes gets accidentally pushed when the device is carried in a bag. Secure it properly when transporting.

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