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12v power supply

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12v power supply Customers Reviews

  • Works Great.

    posted by BTNaylor

    Looks Great. Works on both 110V and 220V, just don't forget to change the switch. Has terminal for ground on 3 prong plugs. 2 Negative and 2 Positive DC outs. Voltage is adjustable between 8.53V and 14.06V with V adjustment resistor beside terminals.
    Cut's off circuit and makes annoying noise if short circuited, must unplug and plug back in.
    Works great. Hard to get exactly on 12V usually ends up being +/- .05.
  • Nice 1A Power Supply

    posted by FredericoRamos

    Very nice power supply. The output voltage can be ajusted above and below 12V by a trimpot. There is a green led that indicates power on. The case has lots of cooling holes.
    I use to drive 6 12V 60mm diameters cooler that refrigerate an big dissipator with a lot of 3W cree leds. The dissipator stays only warm. 90 watts of leds in a 120cm aluminium bar.
    Just buy it with you need a maximum 1 A current.
  • Very good and great pricelevel

    posted by mercedesc200

    Have bought 4 pieces of this and it seems that both construction methods and components are of good quality.
    Going to buy more to the installation of LED lighting It is important for me that the device does not take much space, while delivering plenty of power.This fulfills these requirements and is not very hot, but should be mounted so that it circulates air at the unit
    Very pleased.
  • About what I expected

    posted by joshyboy

    Unit advertised as 240W, I needed 100W so thought even if it supplies half of rated output, it's good enough for my needs.Have tested it up to 120W no trouble, unit sits at about 60-70°C. Input power is about 150W at 120W out.Looked at DC output on Oscilloscope, very smooth and noise free (forgot to check input rail).
    Draws 45mA at idle with nothing connected. This may be significant for some.
    Pretty sure it will do what I bought it for, if it fails I will update review.
  • Great little gadget

    posted by mtrcek

    The board is great. Powerful enough, it is small and compact switch mode power supply. I have used it as a LED stripe driver (for 1m of LED stripe) and as small audio system power supply. For the last one - it is very quiet, the EMI circuit does it's job. The holes make it easy to install.
    A very good and usefull SMPS. I really recommend it.

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