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You will be surprised our best 12v mp3 fm with an artful design and an amazing price. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can also browse bluetooth mp3 fm, fm mp3 mp4. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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12v mp3 fm Customers Reviews

  • Great little mp3 player for car

    posted by kulchick

    I got this to replace a Sony CD unit in my car. Main reason is that it didn't supported line in, so I couldn't use it with mp3 players with favorite music. So I got this one, and shortly after receiving, I ordered three more. One I am using at work hooked to big old tape recorder, and other is installed in my car. So good points: 1. Use 12V - work in car without adapter. I may need to stabilize that though, but it is quite good the way it is. 2. Size - fits perfectly in ashtray of my w124 Mercedes.3. Have audio in for hooking mp3 players4. Use both USB and SD cards5. Clock function6. FM radio works good as well7. Screen is bright red, can seed well except in direct sunlight8. Remembers the last song
    I make playlists for my USB drives in Winamp, then save them, and after some editing I can print track list for reference. Song order seems to be directly related to the order they were put on USB drive. With the screen able to display up to 999 for track number and up to F99 for folder number USB drive sizes over 4Gb are excessive. Worked with my 8Gb Sansa e280 though. There are contacts that can be used to solder 5V time keeping battery.
    Worth the money, great for projects or to put in car.
  • All-purpose audio

    posted by hatallica

    * USB and SD inputs - listen to hours of your own music.* Audio Line input - I connected my TV audio output.* FM radio includes auto-tuning feature* 4 speaker outputs allows me to use the old speakers from my broken bookshelf stereo.
    A few times, the radio did not work when I switched modes. Turned off/on and it was ok.Power supply - sku.56426 is what I am using right now. It is only 12V, 2A, but that is enough power for typical TV or radio audio. I was using a supply with higher current rating, but had an audible buzz.
    I used this to replace all of the audio functions normally in a stereo costing 5x or 10x. Ok, you need to provide your own speakers. Audio is not premium, but not bad, either.
  • Very Good

    posted by BXBPI

    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.
    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.
    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.
  • Good Music=Good Ride

    posted by MadCowMoo

    Sounds amazingly good/loud for speaker sizeEasy to installLooks good on bikeFits with most common scooter mirror mountsLow power drainagescan picked up most FM stations in my areamp3 nice for bad FM reception areas
    Overall I'm pleased with these speakers. They sound a lot better than I expected and were easy to wire in. Black looks good on my bike, and would on most i think. LED display would be a big help in next gen of this product, as well as mp3 shuffle. Hard to pick a good station or song w/o display especially while riding! Lastly, beware: the mirrors are flat, not convex as many scoot mirrors, so you lose some FOV with these (but who cares when ya jammin', ja mon?)
    Get in tune with the road and these speakermirrorthings. Overall worth it for the price/performance.
  • Small and powerful!

    posted by [email protected]

    Small and powerful! This small device is able to replace a micro system. Their sound is loud and clear, has memory card reader and USB Pen Drive on. His case is a aluminum heatsink, do not worry even connected for long.
    Could have cds player, would be perfect and complete. plugged the unit into two speakers from my old micro system, have more space and the same sound!
    Tired of your computer system? find more convenient than the thumb drive keep changing cds? Want to listen to music from your memory card into a sound? Buy this product!!

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