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12v led strip warm

Purchase the latest 12v led strip warm with wonderful pricing At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. 12v led strip warm white, adapter 12v led strip may be more suitable for you. With your support, we can do better.
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12v led strip warm Customers Reviews

  • A great product for Bathrooms!

    posted by Elwin1992

    Very bright light, easy to use and fairly cheap. I've been using it for a while and I absolutely love it. The 3M adhesive strip on the back works really great and it is only a minute of work to put it up. The light is nice and gives a great look to any room.
    The light could be a little more yellowish, since it is pretty white. For me this is not a problem, I use it in the bathroom, but if you were to use it in a living space it might not be as great.
    A great product for a great price, I love the 3M self adhesive strip on the back and the fact it is waterproof.
  • Actual measured values for this product

    posted by caiomehlem

    Read on for actual measured values for this product
    Read on for actual measured values for this product
    Measurements were taken for 5 meters of the tape using professional grade instruments.FOR 5 METERS:- Power dissipation: 12.00 V * 1.113 A = 13,356 W- Wire resistance: 1.7 O (not significant)FOR 10 METERS multiply by 2:- Power dissipation: 12.00 V * 2.226 A = 26,712 W approximately - Wire resistence: 3.4 O approximately (not significant)
  • Awesome light.

    posted by ppaiva

    I used 3 reels with one 12Vcc 15A power supply (124509) for a decorative indirect ilumination in a living room.It looked wonderfull.The 3300K warm light gave the perfect cosiness sensation in the room.The reel comes in an anti static bag that can avoid long transport issues.The reel is graduated so you dont need to measure how much of the strip lasts in it.The adhesive tape appied in it's rear is a very strong 3M tape.The cut marks and soldering points are a good way to do maintenance in case some of the smd led's die.
    The cosiness achieved by using those LED's just made my home a lot better place to be.
    If somebody asks me I would say to buy it before it gets more expensive.
  • It is good for its price, though color temperature listed is wrong

    posted by SiepLQ

    1. With 4A current from 12 volts it seems like two "standard" 3528 LED strips connected in parallel2. If one 3528 LED strip is not enough for your project and you would like to double it in a simple way – this is good solution 3. Adhesion layer is good, just don’t forget to clean the surface thoroughly before applying
    1. You can get slightly more lumens (at the cost of work life) if you increase voltage to around 13-13.5 volts – this will increase current to about 5 Amps and temperature also rises, but not dramatically.2. Probably it is good idea to wire two internal strips in sequence rather than in parallel and use 24 volt power supply – lower current and thinner wiring
    Overall - it is good product
  • Excellent

    posted by RedChaosDragon

    Easy to install and works great even color / luminosity. High quality encapsulation, even and no bubbles. 12v is easy to find and simple to wire.
    Great for open areas but enclosed spaces that have a potential for high heat should be avoided. Great for indirect lighting.
    Good quality price ratio. Easy to install, simple to wire. Easy to cut and rewire.

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