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You will be surprised our best 12v led remote with an artful design and an amazing price. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Browse 12v led spotlight or led transformer 12v to find what you are looking for. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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12v led remote Customers Reviews

  • Terrific product

    posted by emmarvee

    No more having to use the middle finger for the tailgaters ! This gets the message across very well. Display and remote are good quality. Very easy to program and operate. Manual is only half useful, but the unit is easy to work out.
    Great device to get your message across, and has many applications other than just in a car window !
    If you want to get your message across, this is for you.
  • very cool for kids rooms

    posted by FudgeNZ

    great low power mood lighting. I use these in our kids rooms and run them along the walls to provide mood lighting at night.
    they provide very good background light, definitely not enough to read under, but along side a lamp they are great.
    having the remote control means you can work it and turn it off without having to go and disturb people in the room also.
    I power 2 x lengths of this using a 10amp power supply, also bought from DX!
    we plan on getting more to run round our deck to provide lighting for edges at night.
    great mood lighting for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Great product for decorations and DIY

    posted by Lev5160

    1. The LED light is very bright and the color variations are clearly seen.2. Good transition between color modes.3. Easy plugin to the LED strip.4. Compatible with commonly used 12v DC converters.
    Great product for decorations and DIY,Iv'e built a clock and used the LED strip as an outline decoration.I would suggest the seller to include the 12v DC converter for a bit higher overall price.
  • RGB remote for a small or a big system

    posted by lasermanathome

    Small reliable PWM colormixer with an output for RGB strips or several 10 Watt led RGB chips.The last ones require compensationresistors while the led cristals of different colors need other voltages , so the ballasts are optimised to get white light when all the cristals/dyes give a visual comparable amount of light.The succeed in this tricky part asks patience andprecision
    When per line about 8 Amps can be regulated, an enourmous amount of pure colorlight can be handledThe 12 V30A powersupply ($33.-) is in that case the best choice.The lumens wich can be achieved with ledstrips(5050 color SMD leds) is not the same as using the 10 Watt 500lumen RGB leds, those leds have 3 cristals in serie and for every color such an array, they are remarcable brighter as ledstrips used with the same amount of enery but dot forget the compensation/ballastresistors PER LED color AND per led so 3 resistors per 10 W led are required.
    In the last case you can handle 8A/0.3Aled so about 24 X 10 Watt leds wich means 1200 lumens of light power using one remote.That is enough to color your swimmingpool at nightin every desired color.So you can light out your house when it is white painted It makes your home attractive and easy to find.
  • Red LED Scrolling Message Display Board Rocks!

    posted by dgcenci

    Larger that I thought... It´s looks larger when somebody hold it in your hands... the led lights are brighter than apeears in the pictures and videos. The cable it´s long, very effective to get plugged normally towards the wall or another type of plugg.Enought numbers of caracters and letters, good size of letters.
    No futher thoughts about the product.
    It´s the product that I was specting...and it complished every single feature that DX tell us in the information.


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