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You can buy cheap 12v led bulbs from us. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can also browse led bulb 12v red, led spotlight bulb 12v. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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    posted by dboyrp

    2 niveis de iluminação --> LANTERNA ( acendimento parcial dos leds) ---> FREIO ( acendimento total dos leds) Excelente, sem necessidade de adaptação. cabe em todos soquetes que temos nas motos e carros aqui do Brasil não queima , mesmo com a trepidação corpo em metal que torna o produto bem resistente. O cromo é bom e não descasca
    comprei para ser instalado em uma motocicleta TRAIL (XLX 350) quem tem uma moto dessas sabe a disgreta que é ter de abrir a lanterna traseira a cada 2 semanas para trocar a lampada , pois nada resiste a trepidação desse modelo
    RECOMENDO!2 niveis de iluminação --> LANTERNA ( acendimento parcial dos leds) ---> FREIO ( acendimento total dos leds)
  • Good lights

    posted by junimrox

    Very good, durable, do not overheat, designed to use with 12V without modifications, can be used in car without any problems
    I measured:12.22V - 21.00mA - 0.26W13.48V - 28.75mA - 0.39Wso, even in a "car like" voltage the lamp only uses 0.39W, it's a lot less than the described in the title.The first thing is DX should change the product's title.second it is weaker than advertisedthird it won't overheat as it would if it had really 1.4W
    worth the money, last long enough...
  • G4 4W 6500K 270-Lumen 68-0805 SMD LED White Light Bulb (DC 12V)

    posted by rossfabio

    very powerful light compared to other G4 LED, the light it emits is ice white in color, not like other with yellow, very good product
    In Italy these products are not marketed, x Luckily there dealextreme for shipping, they are delicate and are packed well
    I am very glad I tried this product, really good ... and saves a lot of bill
  • A very nice warm color

    posted by shevmi

    High quality construction, nice warm white color. This lamp sits outside summer and winter and is still going strong. I used it in my bathroom to replace my 35w halogen lights.Focused beam (if you need it).
    Nice look.
    Great for saving money for electricity in a long run.
  • great light, too bad it is out of stocl

    posted by borenibai

    Great light, good cone, perfect replacement for halogen lights, not expensive, gives off more light that the 35W halogen lights I used to have. Good, solid build, the radiator seems to take out the heat well.
    Excellent and very useful, I wanted to buy a batch and now it is out of stock, which is a considerable letdown. Please bring it back! :(
    Please bring it back, I'd hate to have to buy a new test light and find out you're out of stock on it again.

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