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12v lamp Customers Reviews

  • Absolutely love it!

    posted by dantex47

    I installed this LED strip under a shelf above my worktable, and now for less power than filament-bulb I have daylight-like brightness, with almost no glare or shadows as there are many LEDs/light sources, I will post picturesLove the dimmer, works as expectedAlso love that everything needed to install, use regulate an power this LED strip comes in this one package!The light is warm and feels almost like sunlight, feels naturalEyes do not get tired
    I absolutely love it!
    Great light source, warm light, half cheaper than any from local retailers...I have in plan to buy few more of these for the rest of the house
  • LED Daylight

    posted by DarioZovko

    If you do not have daytime running lights originally installed this is an excellent purchase. I installed them on my Vectra C next the front fog lights, almost like factory installed. Light is very bright. To attach in the package come two metal plates and four bonding tapes, however, you can attach them just with sticky tape as I did - acts as originally built daylight.
    I connected these lights to the installation of lighting back plates that light up when you unlock the car, it is excellent!
    Very good purchase, well worth it.
  • Very good light spread and good consumption

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.More, more light than regular bulbs, than 10W regular. Very Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Very Good price.The pcb plate is not heating.
    I use 2 for my plate number in my car. The plate is very good illuminated and the light is much much more bright than regular bulb. The light is so bright that the bulbs illuminate the asphalt behind the car for more than 1 meter also. It helps you to see where to step when you are behind in the night to the trunk. It is very useful.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good W10W Leds with lower price. Excellent buy for me.
  • Very good.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Very bright for their size.Cool color temperature without being blue.Lower power consumption/lumen ratio compared to incandescent bulbs that they replaced.All the individual LEDs are working; No dim/bad units.
    Before ordering these, it's a good idea to measure how deep the light fixture is that these will be going in. They're a little longer than standard 194/W5W/T10 light bulbs. And it's a good idea to put a little dielectric grease on the contacts before installing, just in case any rain water leaks into the fixture.
    These went into the cargo light fixture of my pickup truck. They light up the bed nicely. Recommended.
  • Works, mostly

    posted by mypdxpc

    Plenty of bright light with the warm yellowish glow that make it appear to be an old style incandescent bulb. Well built and easy to install.
    Using it as the tail light / license plate lamp on my old Royal Enfield Bullet 500. The vibrations from the motorcycle tend to shorten the lives of regular bulbs, so I'm replacing all of them with LEDs.
    Even with the one slightly defective unit they were still worth the money I paid.

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