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12v green led

Finding your favorite 12v green led is easy in our product catagories. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. View more by looking at 12v led spotlight, 12v 5w led. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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12v green led Customers Reviews

  • Very nice, easy to use gadget

    posted by Caudu

    -good temperature measurement accuracy.-bright large display with additional LED marking the relay contact closed position.-3 easy to use programing buttons-low energy consumption (it can be used with battery if portability its an issue)-can be used both for heating and for cooling.
    -if electrical consumer is not exceeding 10A it can be used for 220V as well (I did that without any problem)-1st push of the set button sets targeted temperature-long push of the set button get you in the menu: P0 refrigeration/heating mode (C/H); P1 hysteresis setting (2' default); P2 min temp; P3 max temp; P4 temperature correction; P5 delay start time: minutes; P6 alarm on/off also temp.
    -recommended for small scale home applications, its a good buy, best price here also.
  • Great light strip

    posted by Ghlargh

    Nice and flexible, easy to mount.Built-in resistors, no need to worry about burning out the LEDs.
    I bought a couple of these in three colors to mount behind some semi-transparent plexi glass a few months ago, aside from the few LEDs that stopped working at the start, they have worked fine since.
    Very nice for lighting under counters or behind frosted glass, or when you need a lot of LEDs but don't want to solder all of them yourself.
  • Fancy car accessory

    posted by JDark

    Wonderful led stripe for automotive use. Good, bright, saturated green light, all leds are working.
    Easy to cut stripe to x3 LED parts, there is a scissors logo on each cutting line.
    I'll use this to light foot area in my car. Of course, there is a million ways to use this, however, please note, that there is no thick insulation layer - because of low voltage there is no danger, but LEDs could be damaged by water splashes or mechanically, if you'll use this stripe to light outdoor area.
  • Amazing LED dome light

    posted by cornflaker

    These LED dome light replacements are great because they use very little power in comparison to the stock bulbs (0.9W vs about 10W),they are very bright (I looked directly into the LEDs when i first turned it on and could see 6 brown spots wherever i looked for like 20 minutes lol),they come with a range of adapters to fit nearly all 12v light sockets,and... they are GREEN!!! White LED lights are better than the stock yellow ones, but who cares about white when you can have GREEN :D
    These things are great, just make sure to diffuse them somehow if you have lost you cars stock diffuser...
    Buy one (or a couple) now, seriously you wont regret it.
  • Super Green

    posted by hubuda

    Cheap price, Built well. Really bright. These are perfect. You can't go wrong with buying these. Far cheaper then many local businesses around me.
    You will stand out with these. It will draw attention wanted and unwanted. These are a very bright Neon Green like Ninja Turtle green.
    If you want to be different get these. If you want attention get these. If you like to talk to people including the police get these. Otherwise don't you will stick out. :o)

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