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12v dome light

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12v dome light Customers Reviews

  • 39mm 12-LED White Light Dome Car Light Bulbs (DC 1

    posted by ReFleXmza

    It's a really great bulb.
    Very bright.
    Good construction quality and materials.
    Consumes less power than stock lights.
    White Light.
    There are two bulbs in the packages.
    Like 200% more bright than stock lights
    It's a good product, fine quality for a really good price.
    Shippment took like 20 days to my country in South America.
  • Great light for glovebox

    posted by BlackSharkBR

    => Bright=> Doesn't get hot
    I got this LED to use in my car.It didn't have light inside the glovebox, so I pulled 2 wires from the battery and made a swith within the glovebox.Like every LED, the light is directional, but it has fortunatelly I used a plastic light lens that difuses the light a little.It´s color is a white-blueish, but it´s cool. It's capable of lightning the entire glovebox.It has been working for 2 years without a problem.I think you can’t use it in a place where is get wet, like the license plate lights.
  • Better than 5W incans

    posted by eatatjoes10

    - a lot brighter than a 5W incan bulb
    - takes very low power, it uses only 47mA @ 12V / 66mA @ 13,5V, that means 0,56W @ 12V / 0,9W @ 13,5V.
    - saves two or three drops of gas ;-)
    - very white light
    - easy to install
    - lasts a while longer than incans (I hope)
    The bulb I received looks a bit different than on the DX- photos: no empty middle gap for a third row of LEDs, only two rows and the bulb is only 13mm wide. It' more like SKU 44896, no resistors on the backside, but two resistors hidden under the contact- caps (one resistor 130ohm for each row of three LEDs).
    I compared the brightness in my DIY- Ulbricht- sphere:
    my old 5W incan- bulb gives a reading of 480lux/800lux at 12V/13,5V at 4,1W/4,9W. This LED- bulb gives me 820lux/1080lux at 0,56W/0,9W, so it is much more bright, and will do it's job in my car's trunk perfectly. Due to the whiter output I think it will give me a lot more light to look for all that crap that is flying around in my trunk.
    Two 130ohm resistors, one for each row of three LEDs (not 100ohm like with SKU 51038) limit the current to the LEDs to 33mA max at 13,5V, that's 3,0V/3,07V per LED at 12V/13,5V (this is less than with SKU 51038, but that's only a 3 LED bulb), should be fine.
    I don't understand why they overrate the power (1,35W instead of only 0,9W). For a LED it is better to consume less power if it can replace an incan bulb, and this one can easily replace a 5W, even if the incan uses a reflector. I think, it can also replace a 10W if that one doesn't use a reflector.
    Perfect replacement for a 5W incan that is used with a reflector. The output is much higher than the incan's at one side, and more white. If the incan is used in a reflective environment this 6 LED bulb will still be strong enough to fully replace it. I'm going to use it in my car's trunk, there is no reflector for the incan and so I expect it to be much brighter than the old bulb.
  • Good quality for a low price!

    posted by vanishingpoint

    Very cheap, good quality and more than enough light(atleast for my needs). I´ve used these for my car´s interior light, doorlights, readinglights and even for license platelights. You can put these almost everywhere in interior thanks for the adapters. Also i´ve used these for my caravan where they are really good to have.They have low power consumption so when using caravan´s battery you dont have to be afraid that it will discharged shortly for using lights.
    Maybe it would be nice to have these in different colors?
    Cheap and good. Worth of every penny!
  • 18 led light

    posted by greybeard357

    A very bright white light, used 2 in caravan ceiling light and they are much brighter than a 16 watt fluoro. Current draw for the 2 units was 0.55 amps. A lot of light from a small module, easy to fit 3 maybe 4 to a standard 'oyster' light fitting but 2 is plenty for my van.
    Definately the best led replacement unit I have used so far. Very easy to use , just peel and stick on to aluminium base of light an connect to wires to original 12 volt light bulb. I removed bulb holder and fitted spade terminals, easy, and can add another light if I feel like it.

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