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12v decoration Customers Reviews

  • Very good product

    posted by xpertechmu

    The Led light is very nice, it works very well. I tested it in my car, it is very beautiful and lights very well. The length of the wires are about 130 cms efficient to fit in any car from front to back. There are is also a switch for ON/OFF function.
    I think that real pictures of products should also be added to the site for more better guessing of the size. You can also connect it to your door light system so that it lights up automatically when you open you door. but please do the connection with the help of professional electrician
    Recommended to buy very beautiful when you see it at night.
  • low power

    posted by MRPCZ

    Very bright even at 45Watts. Good quality. Light is cool white-bluish it look very cool. I believe it has its 7000 Kelvins. Adhesive 3M tape holds very firmly. Great with dimmer with touch sensor.
    Where is the rest of the power? Should I go with voltage up to promised 90Watts ? Can I use it unmounted without cooling base?
    There is no problem to light whole room with this strip. Just one resistor per 3 LEDs (1 cuttable piece)
  • the best RGB 5050 300-LED strip from d.x.!

    posted by K0e0v0i0n

    This is a great RGB LED-strip, it has a lot of LEDs on it and the light that comes from it is realy superb.
    The reach of the remote is great to, I build the LEDstrip on my room (pictures will come) and I had to cut every part that could be cut because it was to short and now its 7,5 meter
    Great LED strip, if you need a LEDstrip with lots of light and great looking? this is youre product ;-) !
  • excelente modilo led con luminosidad real 5050

    posted by dpejerrey

    easy and fast to place them, high brightness real 5050, excellent quality of good rgby connecting cables length for better handling, strong welds.These led modules are great for all types of led lighting, easy to handle, very bright 5050 real! the price is excellent
    in general these modules are excellent to adapt them in all kinds of jobs, generating an effective brightness very neatly-
    These led modules are great for all types of led lighting, easy to handle, very bright 5050 real! the price is excellent
  • Very bright

    posted by svc64

    Cheap, very bright. Gives all light to one direction. White color, not bluish.
    Useful in license plate lamps and maybe in high level brake lamps depending of the lamp design. Square design may prevent installing to some devices designed for W5W bulb. Bulb has no homologation for automotive use, so using these may not be allowed in the car's exterior lights.
    Gives good and even light in the license plate lamp. Voltage in car electric system may exceed the design voltage so durability is still a question.

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