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12v dc power supply

You'll find the best 12v dc power supply for you here. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You can also browse 12v power supply ac dc and 12v power supply dc dc. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

12v dc power supply Customers Reviews

  • 12V LED power driver

    posted by Scorpei

    -Works fine with SKU 149699 (2x)-Does not get very hot-Compact-Runs fine on 220V-Wires are not able to hit eachother, though I would recommend something that holds them away if they ever get loose
    Mine came with a yellow screw cover. Did not test 'full load', should have hooked up 48W, which should be roughly 4A, but only LEDs and safety resistors so can't be sure.
    Works as advertised and was easy to put into operation. Would buy again if needed.
  • Very Nice Item

    posted by MRXC90

    Reasonable price. If your looking for a Constant voltage power supply? this is certainly not a bad deal. It does what it states. Also interesting to know is you it has a dial on it so you can adjust the voltage down to approx. 11.1 Volt. Seems rather unimportant, but it often is useful to limit voltage a little bit lower than 12 volt. The same way you can beef it up to +13V if you ever want to challenge your LED's ;-)
    Be aware it isn't waterproof (obviously, but never the less). Although it's pretty good caged and shielded, one must be aware that 12Volt and 220V are sitting pretty damn close to eachother. A mistake is easily made. Better would be to have them separated at different sides.
    Does what it should do. Deliver a constant 12 Volt.
  • Neat little power pack for hobby projects

    posted by PA5UL

    Sturdy stainless steel housing, small size allows you to place it inside equipment. Neat printed circuit layout, good component placement and soldering, looks really professional. Little green LED indicates power is available.
    No user documentation is supplied but that is not really needed for standard use.
    Good value for money, neat little power pack for hobby projects.
  • About what I expected

    posted by joshyboy

    Unit advertised as 240W, I needed 100W so thought even if it supplies half of rated output, it's good enough for my needs.Have tested it up to 120W no trouble, unit sits at about 60-70°C. Input power is about 150W at 120W out.Looked at DC output on Oscilloscope, very smooth and noise free (forgot to check input rail).
    Draws 45mA at idle with nothing connected. This may be significant for some.
    Pretty sure it will do what I bought it for, if it fails I will update review.
  • Every experimenter should keep a few handy for when 12V is needed.

    posted by bls123

    Low Cost, small, light weight, efficient and provides a regulated well filtered 12VDC output regardless of the load up to 1A. A perfect replacement for older transformer type wall worts that provide an unregulated, often dangerously high, voltage when not used at the maximum rated load.
    Like most things, you get what you pay for. I haven't used this at the max. rated 1A load much and it likely wouldn't last as long as a much more expensive unit, but it's as good as any I've seen for 2 to 3 times the cost and should last as long as any if used reasonably (not overloaded or shorted for long periods, etc.)
    Perfect for whenever 12V is needed for a project, or whatever, and, at this price, something I can't afford to not always keep a few extra ones handy for when one is needed.

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