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12v dc led

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12v dc led Customers Reviews

  • RGB Light Strip

    posted by Zanga2

    - Very easy to use and to supply power
    - The power supply wires are colored so it's easy to know which wires control which color.
    - At a steady 12V supply all the colors emit at the same level making this light strip to produce white light / color.
    - If a 5050 chip burns out the other will remain lit up.
    - After two month of usage at 10 hours per day at full power two 5050 chips have burnt out
    - each element has three 5050 RGB chips, in total there are 60 and each one has 3 leds inside it (one for each color).
  • Great dome light bulb

    posted by DKMoose

    LED light, equals low energy usage.
    Very bright, lights up very good in the car.
    The size is interchangeble with the bulb in my VW Golf II.
    For anyone who might not know it, because it's LED technology, it is polarized, and has to be used in the right direction. Not a problem, if it doesn't light up, just turn it around, and try again :-)
    Great replacement for ordinary bulbs.
    An absolute must have, for any LED-freak ;-)
  • Very bright and helpfull stuff

    posted by Podmaza

    It easy to assemble to any place in garage or at home and to power from 12v accumulator/transformator. It has a clips and long cable (more than 2m as stated). Light intensity is grate, more than I expect, and power consumption is true - 5watt.
    General quality is good, but the time will show how long it will work.
    If you need to illuminate a little room or garage and you have a 12v power this stuff is grate, but the price should be less.
  • Good 5W bulb replacements

    posted by TNX255

    I bought three pairs of these to replace my somewhat dim Toyota Avensis T25 2004 stock rear light 5 watt bulbs. Delivery took about three weeks to Finland, not bad. They arrived in the usual DX bubblewrapper envelope, and were not damaged. All tested out OK, no defective LEDs, and all very nicely aligned too. A couple had the "cone" part with the LEDs slightly crooked to the side from the base, but it was firmly attached and did not have any effect on usage. Brightness is higher than regular 5w (clear colored) bulbs, and these suit very well as replacements for those. The Avensis has three bulbs in each tail light, and before I could tell where each individual bulb was, but these spread the light more evenly and it looks a lot better (and brighter) now :) Fitting was no problem, there was plenty of space in the light housing for these to fit.
    I wanted red bulbs specifically because I figured that very bright clear ones would shine through the plastic red cover of the tail light and distort the shade of red. Seems I made the right choice :)
    Solid quality, good brightness, not overly expensive, fits my application very well and spreads the light more evenly than normal bulbs. Recommended!
  • does the job!

    posted by matrix-neo

    -low power consumption-very low heat output (compared to normal bulbs)-uses standard bayonet type connector -very low cost, only 70cents per bulb!-clear lens which can be used with any colored lens like red/blue etc
    good replacement bulbs where you dont want the car battery to go flat, or as a low light replacement for a flashlight, the other thing is leds have a narrower angle of output, so not suitable where bulb is installed at right angles to area to be lit
    great led replacement !

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