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12v charger Customers Reviews

  • best LiIon car charger on DX

    posted by venuz

    universal charger, gives you a possibility to charge wide range of LiIon cells and can be used in car or with AC mains. gives 5.3V on open circuit.- low charging current, gives me 360mA, so it is ok to use it with 10440;- no trickle charge;- cut-off at 4.18A both channels;
    side contacts can be soldered easily to charge 16340 but it is better to leave them as is and use a spacer for these purposes - there is no polarity specified on charger's body for these contacts. also you can accidentally make a short circuit for 18650 with damaged envelope.
    imho the best LiIon car charger on DX.
  • Chep but solid

    posted by orlango

    I was searching for a cigarette-plug charger for iPhone. Here in Italy the cost is near 20 €. This one is less than 3. The quality of construction seem very good so far. It's solid and fit very well in the cigarette plug of my car. It's also compact and has a good look.
    It's the perfect match to SKU 163395. You can buy also a longer one but 1mt is really long enough to fit even the nav use of iPhone with support.
    This is a must when you travel a lot or you're going on holiday!
  • Little bit long but great for PSP,iPhones etc

    posted by velofille

    Finally we can charge more than 1 iPod or PSP in the car on long trips., This is a fantastic item for any gadget family who needs the higher powered USB ports.
    Worth getting if you have a family whos into gadgets (like me) but not so great if you have a gear stick near the lighter plug.
  • Great universal charger for many types of batteries

    posted by trojmiasto

    + Well built, very good overall quality.+ Four separate slots for independently charging up o four batteries+ My previous 18650 charger was 2mm too short for SingFire 18650 batteries (they are little bit longer than most of). The batteries fit just right in this charger.+ Three LEDs per slot indicates the status of charging.+ Can be used in car.
    This is my third charger (previously I had *fire) - I think this one will last longer.
    I highly recommend this charger, especially if you have 18650 batteries that are a bit longer than usual - they will fit well in the charger.
  • Got power?

    posted by vipers

    - Sits nice and almost flush; doesn't get in the way near the 12V port.- 700mA is kind of a sweet spot for not exceeding a lot of USB device recommended charge rates but being fast.
    - Sustained right around 5V reading on the multimeter with my engine running and stopped.- Red LED and the little bit of red plastic work with the interior trim of my car.:P
    It works. It's cheap. It's 700mA.

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