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12v charge controller

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12v charge controller Customers Reviews

  • It works great!

    posted by gmoreb

    Nice charge controller for a little DIY solar system, handles 6A without getting hot, but haven't tested up to 10A as advertised. Charge, solar panel and load indicator is great with a color/blinking code easily readable.The controller accurately senses when battery is getting drained and cuts the load.
    Used it to power 4 or 5 CFL from 11W to 24W, averaging between 1 and 2A each, adding an inverter (SKU: 10090) at the output and it worked without trouble.
    Great charge controller, works as advertised for lighting small house or DIY project
  • Great unit!

    posted by Kes

    Very simple to hook up, I left space behind unit for cooling, took it too 100% for aprox. 6 hours, unit was warm. worked perfect. I added stick on heat sinks to the rear of the unit for extra cooling.
    You can not beat this price, Will be up grading soon to a larger amperage unit soon........DX keep bringing in Solar stuff, more inverters and grid tie inverters, 12-24 volt house appliances
    Thank you DX for the great price.......... and good packing..........
  • Good initial impression

    posted by skela

    The circuit board looks professional. There is some extra solder on some power traces. A 40A fuse is soldered next to the battery port.The over-voltage and under-voltage protection seems to work. I tested with a laboratory power supply connected to the solar panel or batery ports. I did not have a real battery for this initial testing.At 7 or 8 volts, the circuit will get seriously confused. Around 10 volts, it will turn off the load. There is some hysteresis built in. Once the battery voltage reaches 13 volts, the load will be switched on again.
    There is a red 7-segment display connected to a CMOS BCD-to-7-segment driver IC and 3 dual-color status LEDs. The brain is an ATmega microcontroller.Sometimes it was necessary to manually turn on the load by pressing the button under the display. Whether this is good or bad, I do not know. Not an issue for my intended use.There are different modes of operation, related to street light application (turn on the load when the charging stops, for a predefined time). I only tested the mode where the load is supposed to be constantly connected
    This seems to be good value for the money.

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