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12v car led

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You can find fashionable 12v car led at a low price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. led car decoration 12v and car led 12v 10w are the hottest keywords that customer use. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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12v car led Customers Reviews

  • Buena luz y calidad

    posted by ngadea2001

    la calidad de la lampara es buena y la luz que da mejor aun. La forma en que se distribuye la luz en toda la óptica es muy buena casi no habiendo diferencia con la de una lampara halogena
    excelente para autos y/o motos. la diferencia de intensidad entre la luz halogena y este led realmente se nota. también se nota bastante el cambio de la luz encendida en conducción normal y cuando se presiona el freno cosa que no me paso con otros leds similares.La luz que da es muy blanca y si no se tienen los plásticos o vidrios rojos de la óptica en buen estado puede que la luz pase con facilidad quedando de un color blanco/rosado
    recomendada para cualquier auto o moto. Distribuye y da mejor luz que las lamparas que tienen varios leds smd.
  • Great day driving lamps

    posted by LarsNorw

    Nice design and the light are very clear and visible for other drivers.
    Great product for day driving lights.
    Great product, but could have been made more solid and waterproof.I have seen a similar product for US $250 in a shop!If your old driving lights are broken, buy these and get a clear crisp light. Instead of 110W these draw only 4W, and you never have to worry about changing bulbs!
  • Tremendous brightness

    posted by diandrobailoni

    The brightness of this bulbs is it any wonder!!! Great luminosity for its output power, with very white color and uniformity over the emitting surface.The finishing is very well, the great fitting maintains the bulb in its position without risk of get out of position
    I used it in my car's main ceiling lamp, and even during the daylight (under a shadow off course) you notice that it's on. During the night you can see the car interior with great clarity.
    I recommend this purchase, because I was very pleased with it!!!
  • t10 12 white leds

    posted by meestirito

    great light for the price. gives a lot of light all around, great for trunks, license plates, dome, map and other lights. build quality is good. sold as a pair. the color of the leds are bright white almost no blue, pure white. great replacement for the original bulbs. uses less power, does not produce any noticeable heat.
    great dispersed white light, if you need a bulb that light reaches everywhere then this is the right bulb for you
    worth the price, need a new bulb , get this one you wont regret it
  • Very nice bulb

    posted by Loner911

    very bright just like standard T10 filament bulbs. Light dispersion is good as there are 9 LEDS all round.
    Been using for 2 months. The color is still uniform and very bright.
    Its a cheap and good replacement for most car's pole light and number plate light. Best of all, low power consumption. Not too flashy like white or blue colors which may get into trouble with the traffic law in the country.

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