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12v car led light

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12v car led light Customers Reviews

  • Pretty cool

    posted by Burritoe

    These are nice little lights that you can add to anything that you can drill a hole in. Great for adding lights in areas where none exist. These are not replacement type that would easily fit into existing dome light fixtures.I really like these.
    These are really easy to mount and use. These would make great little lights for many things other then for your car. I am ordering more to add to a shelving system.
    One of the more expensive lighting solutions price per watt. You are paying for the easy mounting of the package verses a bare light source. I think its a good deal. Nice product. Thanks!
  • Heeps of light !

    posted by francis87

    The leds are well spaced and give a good overall light (its not patchy at all!). Used them in my car boot to replace the exciting bulb and it is super bright!.
    The heat dissipation of these strips is quite low compared to other LED strips of about the same price.
    Great product for the price you pay... Except for the IP rating (which most users wouldn't be using it around water). this is a great product. lot of light! with very minimal heat and $$.
  • Bright white LED

    posted by Streamy

    Nice bright white LED with a slight bluish color tone. Much brighter then the M4 bulb they replaced. They are just the right length for my front headlight. As many mentioned it maybe too long for some car especially if you intend to use them on the rear number plate or signal lighting, housing may not fit so do check before making purchase. So far I am happy with my purchase. Hope they will last.
    Value for $, thinking of buying more as spares.
  • Cheap!

    posted by runarh

    * Very cheap led bulbs! * Nice bright light * Blue light looks cool * Seems a bit better build quality than the ones i bought here earlier, so I hope they will last longer
    * Easily fixed by just bending the connectors to the side
    * Great price and looks good. Hopefully they will last longer than the other type i bought before.* Will probably buy them again when they stop working, which won't be as long as preferred, but you get more than you expect for the price.
  • Excellent light, quite robust and easily installed

    posted by codyc

    This is quite a nice little LED strip light, the output is good, but that depends on what you plan to use it for, I am using it for under body and under dash lighting and they are perfect, I ordered 4 more lights after the first couple I recieved I liked them so much. The adhesive backing allows quick and easy install, but I may also add a zip tie to secure them in the wheel wells as they are on a toyota hilux used for off road trails and mud holes. The water proofing does look well done, I dont expect them to fail from moisture/corrosion.
    These should work well for underbody lighting on your vehicle, under dash or door panel lighting, but also out door lighting, the slim profile may even allow for mounting in doors under stair accent lighting if you are building your own steps and can router the material out, you would of course need to find a 12 volt power source/ballast though.
    Bang for the buck, they're the best I've seen for this style of light.

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