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12v bulb warm white

Welcome to our 12v bulb warm white online shop. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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12v bulb warm white Customers Reviews

  • Great color, efficient

    posted by JawsEPM

    These LEDs have a great soft color that is good for home lighting. The light is focused and they look good as spot lights.They are very efficient and bright, excellent for hallways. The internal electronics controls the power well and keeps the brightness consistent with different voltages.
    Use 12 volt halogen sockets to mount. You can solder directly to the pins (use solder flux) but be quick to not melt the plastic.Make sure to not block the cooling slots.I have a 12 volt power system to power them. Use 12 volt AC or DC.
    Soft color, good value, efficient
  • good light

    posted by Rlarrosa

    Works as expected, gives a reasonable amount of light, the light is warm, and can be used with halogens without clashing with them, giving a little less than a 20w halogen.
    Perhaps I will buy more, as I will need them, as currently there are normal halogens I don't need more right now unless they broke or the price of electricity rises...
    I am happy with it, another smaller gives much less light,
  • good

    posted by ozrace

    I did the installation of this product as well as better lighting, as well as visually pleasing image than a normal light bulb gives their halogenated
    a topic that has stuck in my mind. If this product is normally their halogenated 55W 100W IS gives me wonder if this is a problem in the future I do not know.
    this product is very easy to assemble. Remove the old insert new. I've used my bike Because space is limited lights in my job at the end of a little uzasa was able to wear :)
  • Pleasently relaxing warm light LED Light Bulb

    posted by gpremec

    -Pleasently relaxing warm light-Solid aluminum casing
    It should be noted that light bulb is for 12V DC.I use plug-in 220V to 12V DC power supply, or AC to DC converter (SKU: 66271) to use this lamp as a replacement for 20W halogen lamp.It seems to me that this LED light bulb produces less reflections than ordinary halogen light bulb, making reading easier.After experimenting with one for two months, I decided to order three more.
    Recommended buy.
  • Good quality light

    posted by Manok

    The colour is a nice warm white which is quite pleasant. It does have a slight green tinge but it's not very noticable. It's almost an exact match to the much more expensive bulbs I currently use.
    A decent quality light bulb with a pleasant warm white colour

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