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12v ac power adapter

Purchase the latest 12v ac power adapter with wonderful pricing Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can also browse universal ac power adapter 12v, ac power adapter blackberry. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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12v ac power adapter Customers Reviews

  • great 12volt monitor power supply

    posted by mikeyb789

    it says 6 amps but my monitor only needed 3 but hey i aint complaining! can also be used to power those small lepai amps i used for that and greatly improved the bass response it had. but like i said mainly buoght for monitor.
    would be nice to have dual plugs for such high amperage! could run two monitors off this thing!
    buy it! the usefullness of it can only be limited by youre imagination! mine still going strong!
  • Good only for devices with low amperage

    posted by jonathancs

    Price considerably low, extremely functional for devices with low amperage, produced with good material, works perfectly, Light that informs product operation
    A good option for those looking to connect appliances Automotive (12V) low amperage in making your home
    I have the product a few months and never had problems, works perfectly with low amperage devices, can be considered a good buy
  • Cheap high quality power adapter

    posted by bent8

    Cheapest 12V 5A power adapter I could find anywhere - which means: 1) Cheapest at DX, 2) No other reliable retailer can compete with DX. The quality of this product is good enough to supply an audio amplifier (also bought at DX and also highly recommended) with the needed 60W power. There is no reduction in sound quality compared to using a very expensive power supply. The power supply does not get warm (but I am not pulling a constant 60W).
    I have not tested the power supply at prolonged and constant usage at full rated power.
    Lowest priced power adapter of high quality. Highly recommended.
  • Perfect!

    posted by FoxMcCloud2

    - Really, really much power for the price.
    - Use it to power virtually anything from your home or work (I use it to power 2x450 watts P.A. speakers, and it runs like a dream)
    - Great with two connectivity solutions for more versability
    - The fan pushes much air, which is good for the cooling
    - Very cheap solution for getting 1000! watts from your car or a car battery.
    - Should have had a more silent fan.
    - A little problem with noise in the circuit (no ground), but not something that a noise canceller or quality products should take.
    After all, this is a great product. I first bought one in Norway for 150$ (150w), and regretted now that i have bought this one. This one is the king of them all, but DX should have got the 2000W version as well. if it ever comes out, i will buy it right away!
  • Properly designed and works well

    posted by chipset31

    Proper covered screw terminalsclean, low noise outputpower devices properly heatsunk and held downnippon chemicon mains input capproperly designed with optical feedbackgood size transformer
    Keep in mind it says water resistant, not water proof. This should not be mounted anywhere it can be subject to direct rainfall outside. This is more like the kind of thing you use in a basement or a garage, or inside a secondary enclosure if it's outside.
    It works and it works well, if you need a PSU for an outdoor/indoor lighting project or something similar, this will do you fine.

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