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12v 5w led

Purchase the latest 12v 5w led with wonderful pricing DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. If you want to find more 12v 5w led related products, you can find them by browsing 12v led strip, led mr16 12v. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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12v 5w led Customers Reviews

  • Best little LED bulbs ever!

    posted by thenewmt

    Cant believe how bright and pure the light is. The output is very impressive and uses far less power than the usual bulb. Looks great!! Very much worth buying for the quality of the light, multiple bulbs all output the same light spectrum, perfect match.Build quality is excellent, fit the sockets perfectly.
    Buy these theyre great!
  • Excellent light, quite robust and easily installed

    posted by codyc

    This is quite a nice little LED strip light, the output is good, but that depends on what you plan to use it for, I am using it for under body and under dash lighting and they are perfect, I ordered 4 more lights after the first couple I recieved I liked them so much. The adhesive backing allows quick and easy install, but I may also add a zip tie to secure them in the wheel wells as they are on a toyota hilux used for off road trails and mud holes. The water proofing does look well done, I dont expect them to fail from moisture/corrosion.
    These should work well for underbody lighting on your vehicle, under dash or door panel lighting, but also out door lighting, the slim profile may even allow for mounting in doors under stair accent lighting if you are building your own steps and can router the material out, you would of course need to find a 12 volt power source/ballast though.
    Bang for the buck, they're the best I've seen for this style of light.
  • Amazing!

    posted by dsousa3000

    Real white light, not blueish like some of the other ones around...Very bright too...I'm really satisfied with this LEDs...It has metal housing, so this ones don't overheat.I just wish there was one a bit smaller, because this ones does not fit on the trunk of my Peugeot 206...
    I really recommend it! You will not be disappointed :)The quality is very good!It's really white light, not blueish...
    Awesome! Really worth the money... Best LEDs I saw until today :)
  • Green bulbs for all the life of the car

    posted by Ringmaster2

    Lights the same as 21/5W 12V lamps, in low light mode and in high light too, but reducing consumption and maintenance.You will not see the difference in light terms, but it will last forever, saving you a lot of money in gas.High quality materials, it will not burn.
    Change your brake lights with these and you will forget to change them again.
    Tested at high level (brake pressed) for a long time and almost don't get hot at all.
  • Lots of light but but bad quality

    posted by janusdevisser

    - Nice case- More light then expected (way more than 300 lumen anyway)- Great mountaing bracket
    The inner wires looked brittle when I got them, but didn't think much of it. Unfortunately one of two lights I got failed within a week.
    They could be great if they hadn't such brittle wiring. I would have loved them if they just had some better designed inner works. I had the pleasure of using these one time on my motorcycle and they doubled the light of my headlight. Too bad one of them just broke into pieces.

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