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12v 3w mr16

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12v 3w mr16 Customers Reviews

  • Bright light cheap bulb with controller and optics

    posted by GammaButa

    - very bright light- can work from 12V adapter, car battery, other battery packs near 12Volts - tested and worked fine from solar solar panel with 18Volt starting voltage- only need 300-320mA of input current, leds are connected serially- for DIY porjects all the components can be also usefull (driver circuit, LEDs, metal heatsink housing, plastic optics)- easy to modify, to further improve efficiency
    I disassembled it and also measured voltage/current plus how to improve efficiency, pictures will be attached about internals and how to mod.
    It is one of the best 12Volt bulbs here if not the best.
  • Good product

    posted by Dealerr

    These seem to be reliable, which is the big problem with such lights in my experience. I bought one nearly a year ago just to see if it would last, and it did, so I bought another 7 six months ago to replace the others in my hall/stairwell. The new ones matched the first in light output and colour, and all have been fine ever since. The decent heat-sinking arrangement (fins), plus the fact that the heat is generated at three points rather than one, probably help here.
    Nice and bright. Wide beam angle - original idea was to have very focussed lamps highlighing the floor and pictures, but I'm happy with the different look. (The original lights, which were not from DX, were single 3W LEDs with no heatsink fins and failed very quickly). Cold light but that doesn't bother me.
    A good product.
  • Good choice

    posted by shevmi

    Turns on instantly, no need to wait until the light heats up.Very low consumption.Very bright. High-quality housing.White light.
    Great choice for halogen replacement. Highly recommended.
    I will buy another to replace my other bulb that dims at 10 volts
  • Convex Lens MR16

    posted by lu4dch

    Construido con un buen material. La cobertura principal de la lámpara es de aluminio lo cual ayuda en la disipación del calor. En caso de falla es muy simple acceder hasta el diodo led de la lámpara. La luz que emite es de color azulado frio.Built with good material. The main envelope of the lamp is aluminum whereby the heat dissipation is good. In case of failure is very simple access to the LED lamp. The light emitted is bluish cold.
    La lámpara genera muy poca temperatura y da para tocarla mientras se encuentra encendida.The lamp generates very little heat and gives to touch while it is on.
    Como conclusión, es una lámpara para ser usada en lugares donde no se requiera mucha intensidad luminosa. In conclusion, it is a lamp to be used in places that do not require a lot of light intensity.
  • Good quality light

    posted by Manok

    The colour is a nice warm white which is quite pleasant. It does have a slight green tinge but it's not very noticable. It's almost an exact match to the much more expensive bulbs I currently use.
    A decent quality light bulb with a pleasant warm white colour


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