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12v 3a Customers Reviews

  • Works but not with smartphones

    posted by vavatl

    - works- cheap- wires are appropriately long- has two USB connectors
    Would be much better if it could charge mobile phones at full speed.
    Good but does not work with smartphones. I imagine GPS units and other electronics that only use USB for charging would be fine.
  • LED Driver

    posted by Elwin1992

    Very easy to use, delivers a great steady current. I'm using it for a LED strip in the bathroom and it has been working great. It is not too expensive and waterproof which makes it a safe bet to use everywhere in the house.
    I think it is nicely made, it doesn't make noise when it is used unlike other cheaply made adapters.
    If you need an adapter for a LED strip this is the one to buy !
  • It works and its cheap

    posted by darkserman

    I bought this for a friends laptop, and it works as expected.The best 'pro' i think is its price, its very cheap compared to buying it locally (Spain) and it works the same way as a original one(it seems to us)
    It's just a charger, and is cheap; if you are in a need of a charger, it's your choice!Just check the voltage, current and polarity to see if it fits your laptop, and you're ready to go.
    If you need it, just buy it!
  • Very good purchase

    posted by f11lbert

    Just like such an items on dx.com.We have the very same items (I think from the same factory) locally just twice a more expensive.And I did not deeply research the scheme but I think that the cons from previous review here just wrong - you do not need any fuse (fuses are inconvenient in any case and most of the time you and with shortened one :) - just because the protection is inside the scheme - "Safety design with shortage protection, overload protection and auto voltage switching. Regulated voltage & current output."
    Recommend to anybody.

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