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12v 2w bulb

You can find fashionable 12v 2w bulb at a low price. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. bulb lamp 12v or bulb 12v brake contains many hot and popular products. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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12v 2w bulb Customers Reviews

  • Excelente

    posted by Eduardofag

    Produto excelente, produz ótima iluminação e com um preço muito bom. Eu recomendo este produto, pois me agradou muito.
    Produz uma iluminação muito melhor para o veículo. Irá impressionar pra quem tem o costume de ter aquela luz amarelada e pode-se levar em conta que dá uma aparência super legal para o carro.
    Qualidade e preço ótimos. Um ótimo produto que adquiri do DX.
  • Very bright white leds!

    posted by BMW318TI

    Why buy these leds:
    -The leds are very bright it's almost to bright it hurts your eyes haha.
    -The leds unit has a great big beam angle.
    -Less power consumption and longer lifetime.
    -The leds unit is very builded and I love the included converters.
    Also the unit is made of metal so it will stay cool when it's working.
    Overall great product if you want more light in your car. You wouldn't be dissapointed so don't hestitate and buy them!
  • Works as expected

    posted by realbriguy

    For the price, you can't go wrong with these if you need a red LED. Bright, low power draw, and a decent spread. I have these mounted in rear parking lights. They're about as bright as the original incandescent bulbs.
    Good for the money, works as it should. Bright, low power consumption, deep red colour. Would definitely consider buying again.
  • Parking/licence plate light

    posted by bobele

    - They are bright! Almost the brightness of a normal bulb!- They are pretty well built- They have a HEAT SINK!
    I bought this bulbs for my license plate light. I had some LEDs from before and the light wasn't really strong. But with these LEDs there is no difference to normal bulbs but the color that is not yellowish any more :DI have to change my parking bulbs too, but first I need some 'xenon' lamps to fit to the REAL white color :D
    If you need STRONG parking/license plate lights (almost as with 5W bulb) then BUY them! I think they are a bit to expensive, but on the other side they ARE stronger than the other ones I tested and they have a HEAT SINK that I hope gives a longer life to the LEDs :D
  • Great built quality, light is ok

    posted by MarcosRoberto

    - Bought 3 of those to use in glove box, trunk and license plate because they seemed more "heavy duty"- the light is ok, i little too bluish for my taste, a bit stronger that the incandescent ones, but not much.- seems to be water proof (didn't tested)- really well assembled and finished
    I hoped it would give much more light than it actually does...
    I do not regret, just make sure u don't need LOTS of light or if u need a heavy duty, this may be the one.

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