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  • My Thoughts on H1 100W 6000K light bulb

    posted by Saitek

    Very Cheap and easy to obtain from DX online store. The light color outputted was very white and i am pleased with it. they came packaged well as the photos indicate above they seem like a decent product so far and haven't broken yet.
    Great product for the price, I am satisfied with them how ever would like them to be a bit brighter. I may look at putting these into a hand held spotlight as i think they would work great in one.
    for the price i paid for them it was well worth it to buy em and test them which i am currently doing i am yet to try them next to a normal spotlight to see if there is a big difference but i would recommend them purely for the color of the light.
  • A-quality build and look

    posted by Leone031

    - Light is a little brighter then usual halogen bulbs. But you can use these on-road as they won't blind other drivers or draw attention.- The color of the light is cold white, wich means it is a white light with just a bit of blue in it. (the pictures of shining bulbs uploaded by users give a good impression of the color.- The quality of the glass/connectors are very good. No cheap materials are used on this one.- They last longer then you expect.- The glass of the bulbs is blue, so even when they're off you can see some blue in the headlamps.- Price is cheap for what you get- They come in a hard plastic container wich protects the bulbs well.- Bulbs have both high and low beam.
    - Some other users reported the bulbs were so bright that other people signaled to him.This is not the case, you won't blind other people. HID lamps are brighter.- Also some user reported his bulbs melted the reflective back of the headlamp. I really worried about this before I bought them, but this also didn't happen to me (checked several times).- Another user said the dind't have a high beam.Not true; they do have both low and high beam.
    You definitly should buy these, for a cool look on your car and a better view on the road. The're cheap and easy to install just like any other halogen bulb.
  • Great extra fog lamps

    posted by najk

    Great bright lights, focus is good.Seems like a solid product.Metal housing.Comes as a pair.
    Well, i really cant thing of anything else.Two things though, the packaging, cardboard and styrofoam contains a funny electical conectiivity chart, they talk about red and black cables, the light comes with white and black cables. Anyway, thats not a big issue since i guess you are familiar with negative and positive current and a halogen light. Black is connected to the ground/earth.
    Great product, this houising with a bunch of T6 (or better) LED diodes would be a wish.

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