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1200 lumen light Customers Reviews

  • A great mod

    posted by dusty2

    Very bright, well focused, solid, dependable
    If they would change to a thinner solid rim without threads and modify the heat sink a bit it would be the perfect drop in for Maglights. As is it will require a bit of modification to both the maglight and the module and removing the outer spring to make it fit.
    Best bang for your buck out there. But you will need some skill to make it fit. The strobe features are a pain and should be removed or at least make it easy for the user to remove or deactivate them.
    I would have not qualms recommending it to a friend
  • All I wanted... and more!!! WOW!

    posted by inzane747

    OK... bought this with the idea that I needed to stuff it in my modded 6D mag host. I had the P7 pill in there prior and I wanted more to justify the weight of the beast. THIS IS IT! I know there are better hosts BUT I have my reasons. I mad a subc 6 cell stick that fits in my dewalt charger for a variety of goodies that need power and this fits the bill perfectly. it is a little different in length than the p7 52mm pill and actually... once all was said and done (it did take more grinding) I got it to fit factory perfect!!! I like the whiter tint than the p7 offered in drop in and DAMN if it aint better in spot AND spill... AND...... even though it eats a little more juice... it runs..... cooler? double checked and yeah, guess there is something to not driving LEDs to their brink keeps em a little cooler.
    ... however, when milling for the mag, you want to grind the rim from the backside so the is only a shy 1/16th left to rest on the head (just like the thickness of the original mag reflector) cutting in with a burr by hand (parallel to the body length) is not only dangerous as it can run away from you, you also come close to eating through the conical led reflection surface!) That and some more grinding at the midle of the pill and a bit more on the inside of the head I got a beautiful fit... with a smidge of aluminum foil and thermal grease. Did I mention there was grinding? Took me bout an hour BUT my glass lens fits perfect, and the rim screws all the way down. Make sure you use burrs that are made for aluminum... or have the correct host :-D keep it cool... don't grind TOO fast or you could fry something.
    LOVE IT! not the last one I will buy... well... now that the XM-Ls are out, how long until they show up in one of these?!?!?! same Amps... ~70 of consumption?! then again and the theoretic abilith to eat ~ 50W!!!.. ~4500 lumens.... Hrmmm.... Id better start work on my batteries, and my host.... and figuring out what Id cook with that thing!! :-D
  • Worth the buy!

    posted by ggmurder

    It works nice... a really strong beam of light, with a long range reach. - It coasts something like 160 U$ in m,y country... - its really good to make the drivers at traffic to know that your bike is there... I got hitted by car 2 times so far... 2 times the car came to side and putted me at the ground. - I use PVC film to make the batteries waterproff... really did it to dont get the risk to lose the batteries due the rain... my bike is used at every weather condition, everyday to go go work(36 km per day)
    I dont like the battery indicator color... but it doesn't matter.
    a very good buy!
  • Good lights!

    posted by mihanick1213

    Good quality. Easy to install. Quite bright. Mix well with my T10 light LED signal light bulbs.
    The light from the lamps is directed forward. When viewed from the side they are not so visible in daylight. I would be more of LEDs with the same size bulbs, even if it increases their cost.
    This is a good buy, despite some shortcomings.
  • Just what I needed

    posted by Nightbird95

    Its reflectors are smooth and well made, its emitters well centered, and its springs were soldered solidly. It fits perfectly into my Maglite 4D, it has the 5 modes as stated and its beam is much brighter than the incandescent bulb of the original Maglite 4D. It has all the attributes I wished as drop in for my incan Maglite.
    This was my first order from DX and I ordered this on 05 March 2013 together with SKU 5948 (52mm x 1.8mm glass lens) & SKU 4593 (Heatsink Thermal Compound). My package arrived today (01 April 2013) and I am very happy with what I ordered.
    I'm definitely ordering again from DX and I'm recommending this drop-in to Incan Maglite owners who wants their lights to be brighter while making their batteries last longer.


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