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1200 lumen light

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1200 lumen light Customers Reviews

  • Destined for a few more conversions.

    posted by admacdo

    Bright, but not 1200 lumen bright. Turn your friends face to white in the middle of the day bright.. A good size to fit into many different hosts. Great throw with quite usable spill.
    When it says 8.4v max, it means don't put any more than 8.4v into it. It's a bit of a lottery if you do. You MIGHT get away with it... but you might not. It will cost you about 4 dollars and some soldering to find out if you can get away with it... and that's if you DON'T. So be warned.
    This is what you use to hot up those old torches if you're even mediumly handy with power tools. I was scaring the kids across the road so their father came out. He saw what I'd done to my old light and asked if I would convert his. One more sold.
  • Very good

    posted by suomesta

    Very bright light! Excellent choise for DYI dive light.
    I'm using this lamp in my dive light and I made this modification to handle 12V voltage:http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=272061It was a bit hard to remove booster unit (SKU 26106) from the lamp chassis (it was soldered in component side), but after removing it was easy to change 150Ohm resistor to 1kOhm to accept 12V voltage. Draws 1A current when using 12V power source.
    Great piece of equipment
  • Just what I needed

    posted by Nightbird95

    Its reflectors are smooth and well made, its emitters well centered, and its springs were soldered solidly. It fits perfectly into my Maglite 4D, it has the 5 modes as stated and its beam is much brighter than the incandescent bulb of the original Maglite 4D. It has all the attributes I wished as drop in for my incan Maglite.
    This was my first order from DX and I ordered this on 05 March 2013 together with SKU 5948 (52mm x 1.8mm glass lens) & SKU 4593 (Heatsink Thermal Compound). My package arrived today (01 April 2013) and I am very happy with what I ordered.
    I'm definitely ordering again from DX and I'm recommending this drop-in to Incan Maglite owners who wants their lights to be brighter while making their batteries last longer.
  • Very nice product for its money

    posted by gfa300

    Aluminum housing, cables and bulbs already in position and waterproof casing, nice looks, effective lightning.
    The thing i liked more is that the back side of the housing has the cables already passed through the rubber housing, so you wont have to drill it to pass bulb cable through it.Apart from that, the lightning performance is very good.Light spreads wide and covers the road effectively.Combination with already existing headlight makes the night bright enough to drive with even more sefety.As it comes in looks, most people saw them, only had positive comments to say.They look great on my motorcycle.
    Great performance and even greater value from a product in descent price that can provide exactly the same that other similar and more expensive products do.Highly recommeneded for adding it in your auto-moto.
  • Very good product

    posted by tortello

    very nice product with small battery, easy to use and powerfull light. I used in a very darks roads with no troubles. Instead, I've been saved by T6 Smooth Crown Water Resistant XML in a very difficult ride (with my mountain bike) that came through the night
    better if came with instructions and other lamp to replace. T6 Smooth Crown Water Resistant XML is really resistant to water! I had to wash it!
    very good and powerfull

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