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1200 lumen flashlight 18650

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1200 lumen flashlight 18650 Customers Reviews

  • High Mode Doesn't work?

    posted by Senators24

    The flashlight itself is quite durable, looks nice, and not as bulky as I was expecting it to be. Great throw, one of the best I have seen yet.
    Any ideas on getting high mode to work? Kind of useless if i doesn't work. I've tried multiple kinds of batteries already.
    It's a great flashlight for the price, my cons are probably a device defect, and I have already opened a support ticket in hopes of getting mine replaced.
  • An etrememtly bright flash light

    posted by wgriffa

    Amazingly bright on high mode. The build quality seems very good. I love this flashlight!
    I also bought a flashlight bike mount. I have used this light for night biking in the dark even on the medium setting and it is sufficient to see the trail without any problems. In high mode it puts a smile on my face that whole trail is nicely lit up at least 100 feet in front of you brightly. For this price this makes a excellent choice if you are looking for a bike light. Low mode will not light up the path really at all. It is still bright enough during twilight so that you will be visible to cars.
    If you do not mind the larger head of this light, it is perfect for biking as well as any time you need a very bright light.I highly recommend this flashlight!
  • best light with XM-L

    posted by venuz

    - it throws better than other XMLs with OP/SMO reflectors but with narrower flood;
    - first of my XMLs which has no greenish/yellowish ring around a spot, color is really white;
    - decent build quality, dual o-rings;
    - good heat sink, pill is screwed as with old mte/uf sf-2X, star is screwed too with thermal paste.
    bought this flashlight because i've heard it has linear 8x7135 driver. but mine came with 3-mode driver (sku.100164), 3.75A on high. i've replaced the driver myself so now i really love this torch. i have others XMLs but this one is the best.
    best light with XM-L. flood is not wide but enough for bike, spot is just great, no more yellowish ring.
  • A nice addition to my collection

    posted by ilianbg

    It's very bright. This is my brightest flashlight to date. When you put your hand in front of it you can feel the heat. I also have SKU 852 which is bright, but this one is noticeably brighter. Build quality is good. I like the finish very much.
    I got SKU 20392 for batteries. They are a perfect fit.
    This one is a keeper. If you like flashlights, get one
  • UltraFire 18WG-T60 is brighter

    posted by dksskdl

    Bright narrow-focused beam. Brighter than most other flashlights on DX. Durable.
    Having two batteries should last longer. This doesn't get as warm as the 18WG-T60. With this one the brightest setting is not a huge increase in brightness from the dimmer setting.
    A good buy, but not the best option.

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