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Every single 12 pack keychains displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

12 pack keychains Customers Reviews

  • simpy great

    posted by loknarca

    i love it because it's material is verry hard and it's build quality is also great, doesn't look cheap. a lot of keychainss for a small price.
    very nice horseys that i will give to my friends and family and horse lovers.
    cheap, well-build quality, great keychain. simply love it. it's a great keychain and also a bottle opener. verry funkcional.
  • Unique and nice addition to any set of keys

    posted by suzukistu

    Stylish and well finished and the selection of colours are excellent.
    Everyone both biker and none biker that has noticed the key rings have admired them and asked where they can be purchased.I have a few different vehicles so use the different colours to help me identify the different sets for each vehicle.
    Nice item to have with your keys and makes them visible depending on the colour you choose, but makes your keys easy to distinguish from anybody else's keys.
  • Nice little char,m

    posted by aznericboi

    Product came without any damage and each one was well packaged, Build quality is so, so but it should last for a while until the battery drains. But that is what the set of 12 comes in. Light blinks right before someone calls which is a good thing since it attracts attention to your phone if its on vibrate or something. Lights are nice and bright, they aren't dim or anything. The paint on the mahjong pieces are good and don't fade. The battery was separated from the metal contact so that the battery won't be wasted if you aren't using it yet which is good. The string looks okay and the mahjong plastic seems as though it won't shatter if I drop it.
    Good deal for such a great phone charm, you can give then as gifts or something of that nature since they are all individually packaged.
    Buy it if you want something that differentiates you from the crowd or just want a flashing light to blink when someone calls.
  • Very handy

    posted by manica

    Has three little batteries inside. Bright. Excellent for looking under the couch, car seats, etc. Since it's small, the light won't reach far. But the price is good for the function.
    Good to have in case of an emergency and plenty to place all over your house or on key chains.
  • Good for present

    posted by brazuca

    - Very useful bottle opener.
    - Portable to carry with you anywhere.
    - A nice present to give to your friends.
    - Always carry this with you and you will not have to search a bottle opener or invent new ways to open a bottle anymore.
    This is the most portable bottle opener that sells in DX. It's format don't tell that is a bottle opener and you can surprise your friends when nobody sees a bottle opener

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